Hello San Diego!

Hello San Diego!

So this is how the adventure begins,

I took my Wakandan passport (Its a passport cover ofc…) and flew from KLIA-Hong Kong-Los Angeles-San Diego. This travel period was quite an adventure as well but, we’ll save that for another article. The plane landed at San Diego Airport and the first thing that came in my mind was “WHY DIDN’T I BRING THE JACKET?!?!” It was 19°C during summer. So for my fellow Malaysians, their summer is different from our summer, so please bring a jacket.

We booked a room at Wyndham San Diego Bayside. It was affordable and had a great view. I recommend staying with them if you’re in San Diego. That’s the end of Day 1. Nothing much, only filled with travelling, but the days ahead are filled with adventures.

DAY 2 began with a bang!

Our Day 2 plan was more like a dream come true for us. It was my dream to visit San Diego Comic-Con and it happened in this trip. Comic-Con isn’t for everybody, its crowded and congested all the way, so I recommend to avoid San Diego’s peak season. Yet I still wanna share some photos from Comic-Con for the satisfaction of achieving my dream.

After that, we went on for some simple sightseeing which I highly recommend, it’s free and totally fun!

And the day ends.

Day 3 is all about sandy beaches and relaxing nights. San Diego is known for their collection beaches and bays. La Jolla is a must visit spot in San Diego, it is accessible by bus and totally free. You could watch seals resting at the sea side, people surfing along the waves and sing along “Somewhere Beyond The Seas” with your loved one. It’s ALL FREE

After so many hours at the beach, all I wanted was some rest. So we head back to the hotel for a nap and went to an urban cultural park called Balboa Park. This park is more than just trees and grass, they have tons of museums and activities in one spot. Since it was night, the museums were closed but we got lucky to join a Lightsaber class conducted by the Star Wars Fan Club of San Diego. They conduct this activity once a month , so if you’re a fan, do join it and it is absolutely FREE.

DAY 3 is even better. They opened a new museum at Balboa Park which is dedicated to comics and they were having the BATMAN 80th Celebration in the museum which is EPIC! and it is totally FREE!!! I’m a crazy Batman fan, I was literally crying at that moment.

It was Saturday night, and it isn’t complete if you don’t experience San Diego’s nightlife. Gaslamp Quarters and Little Italy are the best place to enjoy some drinks and a lot of tasty food.

Day 4 is just packing and leaving San Diego… It was pretty sad, there was so much to explore and so much to discover. It was a very different experience all together and seeing back this photos reminds me of the best time I’ve had in my life.

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Written by Krishna

I'm a Language student at The National University of Malaysia and travelling is my number one hobby, except for the time when the whole world was in a lockdown.