History, Culture, Nature and Adventures – KOTA KINABALU HAS IT ALL!!!    #MYBestTravelMoments

History, Culture, Nature and Adventures – KOTA KINABALU HAS IT ALL!!! #MYBestTravelMoments

Hubby and I found paradise on earth in beautiful Borneo- Kota Kinabalu to be exact.  A short 2.5 hours flight via Malaysia Airlines from KLIA; Kota Kinabalu is a modern city with everything – amazing shopping, beaches, mountains, ancient rainforests with the most amazing flora and fauna, delicious local cuisine; plus a very friendly, colourful and distinctive culture made up from various ethnic groups that are unique to Sabah. Especially; visiting the Kadazan Dusun’s longhouses as well as witnessing the Bajau (Sea Gypsies)’s deep-diving skills were certainly eye-opening experiences!


We super loved the nostalgic train adventure with the famed North Borneo Railway. The colonial-style refurbished trains that seemed to come alive straight out of 1900s was so nostalgic yet so much fun. Fantastic journey back in time of a bygone era passing by paddy fields with buffaloes, markets, small villages and Chinese temples. The traditional breakfast and lunch tiffin sets were delicious too.  Choo-Choo!!!!


Hubby and I also embarked on a river adventure excursion down Garama Wetlands (about 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu) and chanced upon a troop of Proboscis monkeys. Some were sleeping with their eyes shut high, some goofing around, some were carrying babies underneath their bellies, and the alpha male folded his arms haughtily with his back facing us while perched precariously atop a swinging mangrove tree!!  As the sun sets we dropped by a floating restaurant serving delicious local cuisine for dinner.  Right after dinner we proceeded back up the river to view the fireflies in the mangroves… stunning. The mangrove trees looked like Christmas trees all beautifully lit up.

Sabah  (and especially Kota Kinabalu) was amazing.

Love Kota Kinabalu. Love Sabah.  Love how beautiful Sabah has been a part of Malaysia since 1963.

Thank You for the most nostalgic romance of a colonial Steam Train ride.. and Thank You for some of the most beautiful Mother Nature I have ever come across and experienced in my life.

Happy Birthday, Malaysia. I’m a proud Malaysian and always will be.  

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Written by Allysha Tong

Adventure Seeker, Holiday Goer