Holiday trip with friends

Holiday trip with friends

Sarawak is a diverse region in Malaysia, from vast dense jungles and various towns to an exciting blend of different cultures and customs.

Cat Museum

The museum has more than 4,000 objects, covering everything related to cats. My friends and I are cat lovers, so the Cat Museum is our must-visit attraction.


Sarawak Cultural Village

We drove 35 minutes from Kuching to Sarawak Cultural Village, where we can learn about the cultural customs of different indigenous groups in Malaysia and appreciate a series of local handicrafts and architecture.


Bako National Park

We arrived in the northeast of Kuching within an hour and arrived at the entrance of Bako National Park by boat. We saw wild animals such as pangolins, proboscis monkeys and slow loris in the park. Bako National Park is an ideal place to watch wildlife and experience the Sarawak rainforest.

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Written by Minnah Dong