How to Work From Home During MCO?

How to Work From Home During MCO?

The government has recently announced a change to the Movement Control Order (MCO) into a Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), where some businesses are allowed to reopen and restaurants are allowed to have dine-in patrons, provided everyone observes social distancing measures of staying at least one metre apart from each other. While this means many have been summoned back to working in the office, some companies would rather resume working from home as a precautionary measure. Meanwhile, Sabah, Sarawak, Kedah, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan have decided to continue on with the MCO instead of implementing the CMCO, while Selangor has decided to implement a modified version of the CMCO. With all that in mind, we have compiled a list of ways we can work from home in order to maintain a minimal income.

Starting Your Own Business

Of course, the first step to working from home if you haven’t got a job already is to start your own business. You’d be surprised at the market demand that a home handicraft business can meet, with people looking for handmade accessories and homemade cooking among other things. Look for a Facebook group for your local area and you can ask around there to see if there’s a demand for what you think you can come up with. After you have gauged the market demand, you can plan for deliveries using services such as Lalamove. Some examples of such businesses that thrive during the MCO include grocers like Dusun.

Bringing Your Business Online

Let’s say you already have your own small business, but all this time it’s depended on roadshows and booths, and it doesn’t even have a proper website. It’s time to give your business an online presence. That way, you can continue to work from home while receiving business enquiries. You can learn a surprising amount of information for free on Google Classroom about getting your business online, and it’s not too complicated. The added bonus to this is that your business will continue to benefit from having an online presence even after the MCO is lifted. Some companies are also offering special packages to SMEs to bring their business online as well.

Copy Writing

If you have good language skills, you can continue to work from home as a copywriter. Even if at the moment there are no companies looking for a full-time copywriter, you can find work as a freelance copywriter, especially on Fiverr which is an international market. You are free to set your own terms and rates as well. You can choose to write about topics you are familiar with, and you can also look up tutorials online about tips for good copywriting.


If you have good programming language skills, you can continue to work from home as a programmer. If you’re interested in programming but don’t know where to start, there’s a free online resource called freeCodeCamp that teaches you everything you need to know about programming, from web design to JavaScript and much, much more. Many companies nowadays require web designers, and programmers are also in demand not just locally but globally as well. As such, there are many web developer jobs that are specially for those who prefer to work from home.


If you can understand more than one language and you’re particularly fluent in at least one of them, you can work from home as a translator. For example, if you can understand English well enough and you’re highly proficient in Malay, you should work as an English-to-Malay translator. You can look up freelancing jobs for translators, or offer up your services on Fiverr as mentioned before, where you’ll be commissioned based on rates that you set for yourself.

And that’s our list. Know any more ways you can work from home during the MCO or CMCO or any possible future scenarios where we might be forced to stay at home? Let us know in the comments!

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