Interview With a Planespotter: What is Planespotting?

Interview With a Planespotter: What is Planespotting?

“[Planespotting is] just an interest of identifying plane activities, photographing them, logging them in their notes, or videography…Basically, anybody can be a planespotter”

—Ong Keat Siong, Planespotter

Some of you may have heard of trainspotting, which is the title of a 1996 movie starring Ewan McGregor. However, how many have heard of planespotting? Let’s learn about this particular hobby from a planespotter, Ong Keat Siong. These are some of the questions we asked him:

  • What is planespotting?
  • How did you get into this hobby?
  • What are the best places for plane spotting in Malaysia and also worldwide?

Watch the video for more interesting information about planespotting and the activities involved. Let us know in the comments if there are any other ‘spotting’ hobbies you are involved in!

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