Interview with Ambassador of Diveheart Malaysia: Syed Abdul Rahman

Interview with Ambassador of Diveheart Malaysia: Syed Abdul Rahman

“So this is where we actually do a life-changing process for the individual…we give them an opportunity to stand in the water, and some are able to walk baby steps in the water with the equipment. That is an achievement.”

Diveheart may be an organisation that is not familiar to many of us, which is why we are here to interview the Ambassador of Diveheart Malaysia, Syed Abdul Rahman, to get to know more about Diveheart. Here are some of the questions we asked him:

  • Can you tell us more about Diveheart?
  • How long have you been doing this training?
  • Are all diving spots in Malaysia accessible to those who are disabled?

Watch the video to learn more about the activities organised by Diveheart Malaysia. If you’re interested to help, they have a volunteer programme as well! Check out their website here for more info. See if you can make it for their next programme that will be taking place at Mataking Reef Resort in Sabah from 7–11 December!

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