Japanese Restaurants in Malaysia with Exclusive Deals!

Japanese Restaurants in Malaysia with Exclusive Deals!

The popularity of Japanese food in Malaysia cannot be overestimated; you can find Japanese restaurants at almost any corner. Japanese cuisine actually covers a very wide variety of cooking styles, not limited to just sushi, sashimi and ramen. Here are some Japanese restaurants that we would like to recommend, plus, they have exclusive offers for readers of FlyKLIA too!


If you are craving delicious Wagyu beef, but you are afraid of ordering more due to the high price, let us introduce you to JyuJyu-Tei by Nihon Shoku, a restaurant with a focus on Wagyu that aims to provide customers with affordable Wagyu beef. Choose from different cuts such as kalbi (short rib) or sotohira (gooseneck round), and select the weight of the cuts starting at 200 g up to 1 kg. However, the highlight of JyuJyu-Tei would be their 90-minute Japanese Yakiniku Buffet where you can order and grill as much Wagyu beef as you want for one hour of dining at a set price with extra 30 minutes for you to finish up all the food you have ordered, so there is no worry of overspending or feeling unsatisfied with the amount of food you get.

FlyKLIA exclusive offer: Quote “FlyKLIA” at the counter when you order to receive the following special rates for the 90-minute Japanese Yakiniku Buffet:
Original price: RM356++ per person
FlyKLIA Monday–Thursday price: RM138++ per person
FlyKLIA Friday–Sunday price: RM178++ per person

*Prices quoted above not inclusive of 10% service charge

Nippori Bistro

For those who can’t decide between Japanese and Western food, why not have the best of both worlds? Nippori Bistro is a Japanese-French fusion restaurant run by a Japanese who grew up in Kuala Lumpur and has an extensive background in the F&B industry. The main highlights at Nippori Bistro are the croissants, which are freshly handmade daily; the Deep Sea Kombu Pasta, a heavy cream sauce pasta with melted deep sea kelp that adds umami; and the Smoked Duck Pizza, which also comes with sliced mushrooms, tomatoes and three kinds of cheese. Check out the French-Japanese interior design of Nippori Bistro for an Instagrammable place where the food is as tasty as the place is beautiful.

FlyKLIA exclusive offer: Get a free dessert of the day when you quote “FlyKLIA” when ordering.

Makoto Japanese Cuisine

Makoto Japanese Cuisine is the only restaurant in Malaysia that specialises in serving authentic unagi, which is Japanese freshwater eel. As the eels are prepared fresh in Makoto Japanese Cuisine, every part of the eel, from the liver down to the bones, is used to make delicious dishes such as Kimo Yaki (unagi liver skewer) and Hone Senbei (deep-fried unagi bones). If you love unagi, be sure to pay Makoto Japanese Cuisine a visit for the best unagi experience in Malaysia!

FlyKLIA exclusive offer: Get a 5% discount when you quote “FlyKLIA” when you call for the bill. Valid for dine-in only. Valid until 31 March 2022.

Yamaguchi Fish Market

Yamaguchi Fish Market is under the Caffeinees Group which manages a number of brands. Inspired by Karato and Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan, Yamaguchi Fish Market strives to bring the energy and spirit of the markets to Malaysia in addition to the fresh and high-quality seafood. Whereas most places in Malaysia would serve frozen king crab to reduce costs, Yamaguchi Fish Market keeps the king crabs alive in order to serve them at their freshest to discerning customers as sashimi. Speaking of sashimi, their salmon sashimi is also quite exceptional in terms of freshness and affordability, especially since they restock the sushi daily; it’s so exquisite that the record for their sale of salmon sashimi is 10 tonnes in a single month! Those who are not into raw seafood can also try their Spicy Lala Pot which is among their Top 10 recommendations of their Chinese dishes; these are air-flown from Sabah and kept fresh live just prior to cooking, and can be ordered in four spiciness levels for you to choose from. The star attraction of Yamaguchi Fish Market is live Australian lobster at affordable prices, which can be ordered in many different styles, both Chinese and Japanese. Other than seafood, they also have Wagyu beef served in several different ways including nabemono (hot pot), teppanyaki (grilled), aburi sushi (flame-seared), and don (rice bowl). The Wagyu served here are Japanese A5 and Australian M9 Wagyu, which are best enjoyed as sukiyaki in the hot pot.

FlyKLIA exclusive offer: Free 5 pieces of Salmon Sashimi OR 200 g live prawns with minimum spending of RM100.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Redeem Five (5) pieces of Salmon Sashimi OR 200 g live prawns with minimum spending of RM100 in a single receipt.
  • This promotion can be redeemed by mentioning the code “FlyKLIA” and is valid for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.
  • This promotion cannot be exchanged for cash and is non-accumulative.
  • Not applicable on top of any ongoing promotions, set menus, discounts, live promotional seafood, alcoholic drinks, and event packages.
  • The promotion is applicable at Yamaguchi Fish Market Kampung Pandan and Yamaguchi Fish Market Sunway only.
  • The Terms & Conditions may be amended in whole or in part without prior notice.
  • Valid for 3 months from the date of publishing.

So these are the Japanese restaurants in Malaysia that we would recommend. Since they have provided these exclusive deals for our dear readers, do take the opportunity to try them for yourself, because, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Let us know in the comments which of these Japanese restaurants will you be going to for your next meal!

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