Langkawi Mangroves, Kedah

Set in a craggy, almost magical setting of limestone outcroppings rising sharply out of the calm Andaman Sea, the mangrove forest in Langkawi is really an intricate network of streams and hidden coves that are home to hundreds of endemic jungle species of wildlife.

Among the most exciting of these are the brahminy kites and huge sea eagles that nest in the crags overhead. One of the best ways to discover this usually inaccessible mangrove world is to join the regular small boat tours available.

The highlight of any tour to the mangroves is the feeding of the eagles. Your boatman will throw food into the water near your boat and wait for these huge birds to circle overhead and swoop in for their ‘lunch’.

Mangrove tours can include jungle trekking, cave exploration, village visits, high tide swims and guided explorations of mangrove flora and fauna. Decide on what itinerary best suits you before you book.

Getting Here

By Taxi and Boat
The jetty for this tour lies just 15 minutes north of Kuah Town. But chances are you won’t need directions as you will be part of a tour that does pick-ups and drop-offs at your hotel.

Who To Contact

Langkawi Tourist Information Centre

Phone: +604-966 7789/955 7155

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