Let’s have fun in Johor

Let’s have fun in Johor

Johor is a big state with many attractions and activities. Here are 3 tourist attractions that I recommend to travel with friends.


It is really a paradise for Lego lovers to play with friends in a group! As soon as we entered the park, we all exclaimed in unison.

Johor Zoo

Johor Zoo is one of the earliest zoos built in Southeast Asia. My friends and I saw more than a hundred different animals here, including gorillas, elephants, lions and flamingos.

 Johor Premium Outlets

As women, we certainly will not let go of shopping opportunities. Before we set off to Johor, Premium Outlets were already the main attraction of our trip. Premium outlets have a wide variety of international and local brands, and there are also some restaurants and cafes, so we can have something to eat while shopping.

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Written by Hopyy Yeo