Long Weekend Getaways


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September is the month of long weekends in Malaysia, with a 3-day off on Merdeka and Malaysia Day week, as well as a 4-day off on the 8th to 11th. So, how better to make use of the long weekends than to go on a short local getaway?

Sekinchan, Selangor


Credit: chee.hong

What used to be a small fishing village in Sabak Bernam has now transformed into a major agriculture producer, supplying rice throughout Malaysia. Sekinchan is now a popular fishing and eco-tourism destination, and is also famous for its fresh seafood.

September to November is a nice time to visit Sekinchan as you can witness the green field as it turns yellow. It makes for a good photo-op, especially when the sun is shining bright over the lush field. You can also enjoy some peaceful fishing activities in Bagan, or have a simple picnic at Pantai Redang (not to be confused with Pulau Redang).

For me, the must-have in Sekinchan is the mentarang, which is a type of shellfish that can be found in abundance in the area. It’s similar to an oyster, but with a slightly sweeter taste and chewy texture.

Tadom Hill Resorts


Tadom Hill is built for a vacation from technology. The natural limestone hills, lakes, and trees paired with structures made of bamboo will definitely bring you closer to nature, perfect for a relaxing weekend. There are a range of accommodation for you to choose from depending on your budget, from campsites to chalets, and even hammocks!

If you want to shift away from relaxing to full-on activity mode, they have the Tandom Base which offers fun activities like obstacle courses, zorb soccer, rock climbing, archery and many more. The best part: it’s extremely affordable; priced at only RM50 to RM120 per person.

Ayer Hangat Village, Langkawi

When it comes to hot springs, we think of Perak, and perhaps Penang. But what never occurred to us is that Langkawi boasts its very own rare saltwater spring, over at the Ayer Hangat Village. The hot springs that we find in Perak are mostly made of freshwater, but just try relaxing in a hot, saltwater spring. It will really soothe your body.

It’s best to go with a group of friends or family, as the place provides private bathroom with hot springs in them, which accommodates up to 8 people. It’s charged at a fixed price per room, so the more people you have, the cheaper it gets!

Kanching Rainforest, Rawang


Credit: Yodod

Imagine, waking up and being surrounded by nothing but nature. The Kanching rainforest, located in the Rawang town, provides just that. The forest is located near Templar Park, so if you’re looking for accommodation, you can opt to stay there. In the forest itself lies a beautiful waterfall, the Kanching Falls.

To get there, you can either hike through the nature trails or get to the lower parts of the waterfalls through the recreational park and progressing up its 7 tiers. Of course, whichever route you choose, you’ll get to enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

What other spots do you love for a weekend getaway?

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