Love at first flight

Love at first flight

My most memorable moment with my wife was during our 25th wedding anniversary where we had renewed our wedding vows. This celebration was really special for us because it was conducted at the same Mt. Kinabalu Botanical Garden where I had proposed to her for the first time in 1994.

I had first met my wife at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and we were scheduled to take the same flight to Sabah. She was flying together with her elder sister to Sabah to celebrate Christmas with her family while I was travelling alone for work purposes. I saw a beautiful girl (now, my wife) queuing up to board the plane and thought to myself, ‘How come I never get that girl to sit next to me on the plane?

After boarding the plane, I ended up sitting beside her sister and we started talking to each other. Her sister introduced me to the beautiful girl after we landed in Sabah and she invited me to a barbecue party, which was hosted by her friends. After that, we had started talking a little bit on the phone and I had discovered that she was flying back to Kuala Lumpur in two weeks’ time, which was the same time I was leaving Sabah. I inquired further only to find out that we were yet again booked on the same flight.

Coincidentally, I ended up driving her to the airport, sitting next to her on the plane, and we began dating very shortly thereafter. I had proposed to her at the Mt. Kinabalu Botanical Garden on the 28th of December 1994.

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Written by Jayaraj Menon