Luxury Camping in Nature in California

Luxury Camping in Nature in California

From sandy beaches to lush forests and charming meadows surrounded by mountains, California has it all. Not only is it the Golden State, but it’s also the golden state of camping as there’s something for every kind of outdoorsy person.

However, even if you’re not particularly outdoorsy, you can still go camping and be almost as comfortable as if you were at home. You just have to know what to bring or where to go.

There are two ways to make your camping experience luxurious — you can either bring all the necessary amenities with you or find a site that already has it all.

Wild Camping in California Like a Queen/King

If you want a real sense of isolation and quiet in nature, California can provide you with the best wild camping experience of your life, far from the everyday hustle and bustle. However, just because you’re going primitive camping, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it comfortable.

What to Bring for a Luxurious Experience

Camping gear has come a long way, and there’s almost no aspect of your indoor life you can’t bring with you. For starters, you want to be extra comfortable at night, so you should bring a spacious tent, a temperature-appropriate sleeping bag, an inflatable pillow, and a pad. You can take the comfort level a step further by bringing an air mattress.

Moreover, you can recreate your entire kitchen outdoors with stoves, grills, coolers, pots, pans, and utensils. There’s even such a thing as a camping kitchen stand. So you can sleep and eat like royalty on your camping adventure.

Other things you may bring include foldable chairs and tables, various gadgets, such as solar chargers to keep your electronics working, and even some decoration, such as fairy lights.

You can even bring a portable shower so that you don’t have to worry about the lack of bathroom amenities.

Where to Set Up Camp in California

There are many primitive campsite areas where you can pitch your tent for free or for a small fee. No matter what kind of setting you seek, you’ll have a hard time choosing the spot because there are so many options.

For example, if you’d like to be close to the sea, you can camp somewhere along Sonoma Coast State Beach. If you prefer a lakefront site, you may try Orr Lake Campground in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

If you want something highly secluded, choose one of the campgrounds in Mendocino National Forest. Want to chill among the old sequoia giants? Try Hermit Valley Campground in the Stanislaus National Forest.

These are only some suggestions, the options are limitless.

Glamping Sites in California

Now, if you want to up your camping game from luxurious to straight-up glamorous without much effort, you should try glamping. California doesn’t lack glamping sites that will make you feel like royalty. Here are some of them.

Safari West in Santa Rosa

You don’t have to go to Africa for a true safari experience — you can simply visit the Safari West reserve in Santa Rosa. Moreover, you can stay the night in a comfortable canvas tent that looks nicer than your actual bedroom. You’ll sleep like a baby surrounded by the gentle sounds of nature.

Skyfarm Yurt near LA

If you’re in LA, you don’t even have to go far to feel like you’re miles away from city life. Skyfarm isn’t just a yurt — it’s an entire property with all the amenities for a glamorous stay in nature. With a fully stocked kitchen, solar-heated bathtub, porch with hanging egg chairs, and much more, you won’t lack anything here.

Luxury Tent at Saddle Mountain Ranch in Carmel By the Sea

This gorgeous tent is just minutes away from the beautiful Carmel beach. The campground has all the amenities you might need and more. There’s also a seasonally heated pool you can enjoy in the warmer months. You can chill and enjoy the view, go to the beach, or hit one of many scenic hiking trails.

Treebones Resort in Big Sur

This eco-friendly resort on the Central California coast will wow you. You get a rustic experience coupled with luxurious comfort. You can choose between different types of accommodation, from yurts to unconventional, artist-made wooden huts. There are restaurant venues on the site, and you can even book a massage.

Wilderness Bridge Near Yosemite

This incredibly cute summer cabin on the Wondernut Farm is a bridge over a creek, whose soothing sounds will lull you to sleep. It’s ideal for a romantic weekend getaway for two. The farm is lovely, and you can purchase fresh products. Beware that the cabin is highly secluded, and you can reach it by a ten-minute hike.

Secluded Hobbit House Near San Diego

A fantasy lover, especially the admirers of J.R.R. Tolkien, will go bonkers over this Hobbit-inspired cabin. You get to enter through the recognizable round door, which leads into a cozy space with everything you need for a comfortable stay. You will feel like you’ve stepped into Tolkien’s fantasy universe.

Love Nest in Topanga

This studio surrounded by Santa Monica National Recreation Area is a dream-come-true. It’s only a few minutes from the beach and town, but you won’t want to leave it. You can sleep inside, but there’s also a bed under the canopy outside for a beautiful and serene sleeping experience.

Forest Camping Hut Near Elk

You can sleep in the beautiful redwood forest just a couple of miles away from the Pacific Ocean. This rustic little hut has all the amenities you may need, and you can truly disconnect here and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Enjoy Your Glamping Adventure in the Golden State

As you can see, there’s a variety of options when it comes to luxury camping in California, and we’ve just scratched the surface to give you some ideas. No matter whether you decide to glam up your wild camping experience by bringing your own amenities or you go for a true glamping experience, you’re bound to enjoy your stay in the great outdoors.

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Written by Rebecca.B