Luxury Trains of India You Must Travel in with Your Partner

India had once been one of the most opulent countries in the world. It was considered one of the most prosperous nations having one of the strongest trade routes and the richest cultures. The country had more gold than one could count and spice varieties that attracted traders from across the globe. However, with time, this glory faded but all the reminiscence is not lost. One can still experience regal India in its fabulous architecture, intricate designs over ancient monuments and its vibrant mix of cultures.

If that’s not enough to stir up your heart, hope you won’t mind a romantic getaway with your partner in some of the most luxurious trains in India. Though the country could be travelled in awfully lot many ways, trains will fill you up to brim with its own whim and elegance. From Royal Rajasthan On Wheels to Deccan Odyssey, the country has some amazing luxury trains worth taking pride in.

Prepare to get treated like kings and queens in these top luxury trains in India:  

Royal Rajasthan On Wheels:

Explore the colors of Rajasthan while travelling by the Royal Rajasthan On Wheels. Get mesmerized by the beauty of the Land of the Royals and visit exotic destinations such as Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Sawai Madhopur, Jaipur, Khajuraho, Varanasi and Agra. The 14 luxury cabins in the train are meticulously designed to reflect the Indian palatial beauty. The train will cater to you beyond your expectations at its multi-cuisine restaurants, spa services and bars. If you’re looking forward to an incredible time with your partner, Royal Rajasthan On Wheels makes for a supreme quality experience that will be etched in your memory for a long time.

The Deccan Odyssey:

Celebrate the splendour of culturally rich Indian states Maharashtra and Gujarat in the gorgeous Deccan Odyssey. Get ready for a wonderful time in this 5-star train that has been styled to resemble the majestic accommodations of rulers of various eras. The train offers exquisitely designed palace-like rooms, a luxurious spa, a conference car for business-related meetings, lounges for recreation and relaxation and so much more.

Fairy Queen Express:

Leisure and style will be your partner’s and your best companion when travelling in the Fairy Queen Express. Though a shorter journey than other luxury trains, it is no less in terms of regalness and superior quality services it provides. Being one of India’s oldest luxury trains, it still runs on the oldest steam locomotive, which was built in the year 1855. Blessed with charming interiors, it will take you to two offbeat yet interesting destinations – Alwar and Sariska. Even in the duration of one night and two days, this train will help you make time for loved one like nothing else. The Fairy Queen Express is operational from October to March. The train runs on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month.

Maharajas’ Express:

Reveal your royal wishes and Maharajas’ Express and its management will provide you better than the best. It’s a matter of pride for India as this train has been recognized as one of the 5 most luxurious trains in the world. Besides the gorgeous cabins and rooms, the Maharaja train will ensure a lively experience for you with its well-stocked bars and excellent butler services. The top professionals will satisfy your comfort needs and recreational requirements. You can travel with your loved one in this train which runs from October to April.

Golden Chariot:

Spend a memorable time with your loving partner in one of the most luxurious trains in India that explore the richness of southern India. The Golden Chariot was awarded the title of Asia’s Leading Luxury Train back in 2013 and it seems like nothing has dimmed down its wow factor. Get stunned by the tastefully designed interiors and state-of-the-art facilities available throughout the journey. Plan a workout with your partner in the mini gym or choose to relax in the Ayurveda Spa. You can also delight in the rounds of flavourful drinks served at the bar and eat the most sumptuous food at the multi-cuisine restaurants.

Hope you’re already off to packing your bags and planning for your exciting journey. Travel royally with your partner in any of these beautiful trains and you’re sure to have a quality time.

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Written by Maharajatrain