Magnificent Travel Destinations in Australia for Art Lovers


As one of the leading economic and cultural forces in the world, Australia has its fair share of art exhibitions and festivals. If you are a traveler with a sophisticated palate for the sublime, you will not be disappointed by a casual visit to any of the major cities in the Land Down Under. If you want your vacation to be something more than a banal sight-seeing, here are some magnificent travel destinations in Australia for art lovers.

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Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

The eclectic mise-en-scène of this gallery will keep your mind stimulated as you move from one display to another and marvel at incredible art pieces and sculptures. If, by chance, you get to visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia, you’ll be able to see the artwork of European settlers, the works of 19th century masters and modern names alike, as well as masterpieces of indigenous artists. In general, the gallery is mostly concentrating on artists from Australian background, so apart from a few worldly pieces, you’ll get a comprehensive “overview” of what makes Australian art unique. This is why this gallery is a good starting point for your aesthetically inclined trip across the continent.


Magnificent street art in Melbourne

Melbourne is a treasure trove of vibrant and original art. In fact, it is a go-to place for street artists who are working around the clock to turn the city itself into one colorful mosaic. The mesmerizing street art is so ubiquitous in Melbourne that you can easily go on a free-form tour of your own if you are inclined to do so. On the other hand, if this is your first time in the city you should probably seek out the nearest street art tour. Make sure you do not miss to check out Hosier and Union Lane.


The cityscape of Sydney

Pretty much all of Sydney and the surrounding area is an awe-inspiring art piece. The architecture of this megalopolis is an eclectic mixture of modern layout and glistening buildings against the colonial architecture and preserved Victorian and gothic manors. To make your experience of this city even more extravagant, you can stay in one of the beautiful Randwick hotels, which are carefully designed to be a work of art inside and out. The legendary Opera House and Harbour Bridge are not just your regular tourist traps. They are incredible feats of engineering and design. Queen Victoria’s House, the Government House and Saint Mary’s Cathedral are only some of the other buildings you can spend hours inspecting.

Sydney Opera House

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

The capital city of Australia might not be on any newcomer’s list, but it can hold its own against even the most culturally vivacious metropolises like Sydney. In fact, the National Gallery of Australia is hosting an exhibition under the moniker of “Hyper Real” – which can be basically described as an exploration of parallel dimensions and hyper-perception. It closes on February 18, so you really need to hurry if you want to catch it. Other than that, this amazingly organized city has a lot to offer, and even if you are passing through for a few days, you can still have a really good time.


In search of non-Western art

Colonialism has brought us the overwhelming presence of Western art in almost every corner of the globe. However, what of the aboriginal art and Melanesian cultures? If you want to immerse yourself into the artwork of indigenous people who were there before the colonists took over, you can go island hopping – from King to Kangaroo, Norfolk and Christmas, Bruny and Tiwi. It is also fair to say that each of the aforementioned cities has its fair share of aboriginal art to offer.

aboriginal art Australia

Thankfully, Australian cities are brimming with hot locales that house surprising and thought-provoking art pieces which are nourishing to the soul. The rich history of inspired people from various cultural backgrounds have created a melting pot of creative ideas that can make even the most seasoned world traveler giddy. If you think you’ve seen everything the art-world has to offer, pay a visit to an obscure art gallery in one of Aussieland’s vibrant downtowns. You will not be disappointed.

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