Making the most of Christmas gift-giving when you’re on a budget

Making the most of Christmas gift-giving when you’re on a budget

Christmas is a joyful occasion but it can be stressful when it comes to gift-buying. Here are a few suggestions if you’ve been racking your brains for something meaningful but not too expensive

1. Don’t leave it to the last minute

Gift-giving will be even more stressful if you leave it too late. Start planning ahead with lists, so you don’t blow your gift-buying budget. If you start early, you can also start saving up for gifts or better yet, start your own gift fund.

2. Stock up during sales

Keep an eye out for big sales because that will be a good time to stock up on gift items – book warehouse sales are always a good source for quality, popular books at knockdown prices.

3. The gift of time

Not everyone is into physical gifts. You could offer a ‘time voucher’ instead. Perhaps a promise to accompany someone with their hobbies or help them out with specific chores. You could offer to cook a meal, babysit, take them for a drive somewhere – sometimes it’s about creating lasting moments that are also precious.

4. Handmade, maybe?

If you’re crafty, put your talents to work. Crochet a set of dishtowels, maybe, or craft together a photo album of memories. Perhaps even consider writing a song or poem or even start a blog where you can populate it with shared memories or a personal tribute. Baking a big batch of cookies or other small pastries could also be gifts that you could give to multiple people at less expense.

5. Make it personal

Putting together a 365-card deck for every day of the year with a personalised message on it is one idea that will be special without being expensive.

You could also take something simple like a lanyard, pouch or other item and personalise it with their name or a favourite motto. Engraving or labelling can elevate even the simplest of gifts.

6. Gift cards with a little something

Gift codes or vouchers are a way to flexibly give someone the choice of what they want to get. Just make sure they’re for places or services they use regularly. To make it less impersonal, include it in a real card or with something extra like a small box of chocolates.

7. Honesty

If money is tight then the best thing is, to be frank, especially with people you’re close to. Keep it simple: “Hey Maureen, money is tight this year so could we do a cupcake exchange instead if you’re fine with it?”

8. Share the love

You could talk to friends and family to share gifts. A small contribution from multiple people might mean a nicer gift than they could afford on their own.

In the end, while nice gifts are great, remember that there are some gifts you can’t buy – the gift of love and sincerity. Do your best and hope that your intentions will make their way to the receiver.

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