Malaysian Travel Bloggers featured on FlyKLIA

Malaysian Travel Bloggers featured on FlyKLIA

FlyKLIA is constantly seeking users who would share with everyone the experiences they had in their trips in Travel Stories on the FlyKLIA. FlyKLIA is fortunate to have found these friendly Malaysian travel bloggers to tell the stories of some of their travels through our platform. Introducing Faizal Fredley, RaW, Shini Lola, Fatin Days, Ying Tey Reinhardt, Pojie, Alexandre Luella, Pashmina, and Khai & Amira. Now, as we’re all waiting for the Movement Control Order to be over, let’s be inspired by their Travel Stories in anticipation of future travels.

Faizal Fredley

First up, we have Faizal Fredley. He was an engineer by profession but left the industry to become a full-time travel blogger by the age of 26 since he was recognised and awarded the Best Travel Blog in Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2013. He has blogger friends who fully support him in his travelling and blogging endeavours. Faizal frequently reviews his excursions as well as gadgets that have aided him in his travels. His blog has earned numerous awards over the years.

Take a look at his magical writeup about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Osaka:


RaW are the initials of the blog Ramble and Wander, as well as the initials of the man behind the blog, who has opted to be known by the initials. The blog is named after his two passions, to ramble—to walk for pleasure, especially in the countryside—and to wander. His blog is not only to share travel photos and experiences as when it was first started in 2011; it now also features itineraries, travel anecdotes and musings, hotel and destination reviews, interviews and guest posts. RaW has won many awards for travel videography, travel photography, and travel blogging since 2013, including the Best Tourism Article (Online—Local) 20th Malaysia Tourism Awards 2016/2017 organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia. Some of his photos were even featured on BBC Travel, CNN and Lonely Planet!

Read all about his take on the art scene in Terengganu:

Fatin Days

Fatin Days is a travel blogger based in Kuala Lumpur. Working in a multinational corporation connected her to people from around the world which changed her perspective on the world. After the found travelling to be an empowering experience, she has started travelling abroad at least once a year. Even while she’s not travelling abroad, she would be looking out for interesting things in Malaysia, and then she would blog about them to showcase Malaysia to the world and promote Malaysian tourism at the same time.

Here are the things Fatin has observed during her days in Sarajevo:

Shini Lola

Our next guest blogger is Shini Lola. She has been blogging since 2010, and is an avid travel enthusiast, having visited many different countries across the globe. Her blog includes not only stories of her travels, but also many other topics such as beauty and fashion tips, food and gadget reviews, etc. During her trip to India with the AirAsia team, she was even interviewed by NDTV, an Indian television media company.

See what Shini says about the reasons why one should visit Japan:

Ying Tey Reinhardt

Ying Tey Reinhardt is a Malaysian travel blogger who’s currently based in Germany. She runs her blog, The Tiny Wanderer, in which she documents her travels and experiences around the world. Over the years, Ying has learned Italian by working as a crew trainer onboard Italian cruise ships to fund her travels. She has travelled to more than 60 countries and as of 2018 she’s now living and working in Hamburg, Germany, so she would occasionally talk about her life experience of living in Germany as a Malaysian.

Dive into Ying’s experience in the Maldives here:

Mohd Shahril Fawzy (“Pojie”)

Mohd Shahril Fawzy—or “Pojie” as his friends call him—is a journalism graduate who is travelling the world as a Malaysian travel blogger. He is the author of Pojiegraphy where he writes about all kinds of things related to his travels, from food to accommodation and many more. He also writes about his opinions on miscellaneous things. Pojie has been featured in a HuffPost article on 18 Southeast Asian Instagram Influencers You Should Follow. 

Take a look at the itinerary he has prepared for Tokyo here:

Alexandra Luella

Born and raised in Malaysia, Alexandra Luella is currently based in both London and Kuala Lumpur. She’s travelled the world and the seven seas, and for a time, she has favoured the places less travelled where she gets to learn and experience the culture, food and people there. She has also been featured in a few international magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia and Marie France Asia.

For her critical yet sombre take on Mumbai, see here:


Pashmina grew up in Kuala Lumpur with what she describes as “a somewhat liberal Indian family” and became a PR consultant. Inspired by magazines like Outside Online and National Geographic, she booked a backpacking trip to Myanmar and climbed Mount Kinabalu. In 2016, she decided to quit her job and travel solo to the Himalayas for three months, and that later expanded to a whole host of other countries around the world. Her foray to the Himalayas has also been featured in international publications such as Forbes and TripZilla.

Read her take on a unique way to get around Laos here:

Khai & Amira

Khairul Idzwan a.k.a. Khai and his wife Amira run the Kaki Jalans travel blog together. Khai has been travelling around Malaysia since he was a baby but started his first week-long solo backpacking trip to Thailand in 2011. He has since been to almost all the ASEAN countries as well as five European countries. Meanwhile, his wife Amira has been to 12 countries outside of Malaysia, and they are looking forward to future travels with their daughter who was born in 2018. These two Malaysian travel bloggers share their journeys and travel tips over at Kaki Jalans.

Check out their train trip to Thailand with their toddler in tow:

So what do you think? Who among these Malaysian travel bloggers inspired you the most? Do you have a favourite travel blogger? Let us know in the comments down below!

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