Miri, from Cowboy Oil Town to the City of Beauty

The drill digs deeper and deeper until the earth rumbles, ground tremors, dark dense liquid spew out and the people rejoice.

About a century ago, Miri became Malaysia’s first official oil harvesting site and sparked off the petroleum industry in the country. Since then, it has prospered not only in the oil industry but also in tourism thanks to its spectacular natural landscape that makes explorers feel very Lara Croft.

Niah Great Cave

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The magnificent cave feels very much alive once you learn it was home to civilization forty millennia ago. Brave the jagged stalactites, eerie bat squeaks, bizarre rock formations occasionally basked in streams of light, and a brief period of torchlights waving in the dark. Exit the cave to greet the vibrant flora and fauna of the forest.

Mulu National Park

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Here houses a one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the 2nd highest peak in Sarawak where hikers can cast their eyes on the imposing rock pinnacles, and gorgeous gorges and cliffs. Not to mention, the surreal circling of bats may conjure imagery of a hero in dark cape looming in the darkness.

Canada Hill


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Also known as Bukit Telaga Minyak, this is in fact the site where oil was first struck – the Old Grand Lady being the oil well erected for that fruitful drilling affair. Apart from the iconic Eiffel Tower-like monument, the hill also provides an impressive view of the city along with the South China Sea.

Tusan Beach


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The sun gradually sets and the fantasy begins. The waters of Tusan emit a spellbinding bluish luminance, captivating the wanderers of the beach. The Blue Tears they called it, a phenomenon induced by the Dinoflagellates algae reaction when the ocean is disturbed by the mighty waves. Come and take a magical stroll along the underwater aurora.

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Miri is not only packed with exciting outdoor activities but also exclusive happenings with the reason Visit Miri Year 2018 campaign. Take a flight over to enjoy the great outdoors followed by Sarawak Native Festival, Borneo Jazz Festival 2018, Miss Grand Miri Pageant, Miri Mural Art Exhibition, International Deep-Sea Fishing Tournament and many more!

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