Mount Bromo: On a budget, without a tour.


Travelling to East Java, Indonesia, you will discover one of the most beautiful scenic attractions within the region – Mount Bromo. It’s an active volcano that’s famous for its magnificient sunrise, striking scenary and close encounters with volcanic activities.

Catching a glimpse of the crater can be an exciting, but most tours leave little room for travellers to go off and explore. Here’s a cheap way to get the most out of your Mount Bromo experience, especially if you’re hoping to catch the sunrise.


Take public transport.
As early as you can, catch a public bus to Probolinggo. From there, take a small bus to Cemoro Lawan, the town at Mr. Bromo, and ask to be dropped off at the highest guest house.

 Head to the Café Lava guest house.
At the information booth, ask about the tour pricings, or if you’re brave enough, ask them to draw a map on how to reach Bromo without a tour.

Stay well-equipped.
Make sure you bring a head lamp and jacket. If you forget, you can always rent a cheap jacket at the Cemara Indah guesthouse.

Get insurance.
Don’t risk climbing without travel insurance. It’s going to be dark and steep corners can be dangerous.

Get out early.
To catch the sunrise, start heading to the summit around 3 to 3.30am. Then, stop about a quarter mile from the summit (before the asphalt road) for a more private view.

Take the bus home.
Once you’re done, climb back down and take a small bus back to Probolinggo. There will be drivers waiting for tourists. But, before you get on, just make sure that they will drop you off at the right bus station.




Photos © Carlos Nizam.

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