Movement Control Order: 7 Things You Can Do At Home

Movement Control Order: 7 Things You Can Do At Home

It’s a scenario that most people have never thought to prepare for because it seemed so unlikely, but just last week, the Malaysian government has imposed a Restriction of Movement Order a.k.a. Movement Control Order on everyone in the country, forcing everyone not working in services deemed essential to stay home on pain of prosecution in order to limit the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus now officially named by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as SARS-CoV-2. Over the past few days, some have shared on social media that they’re happy as they get to work from home, but over time joy has turned to tedium as they are now complaining that there’s nothing to do at home apart from work. Here are seven things one could do at home while under the Movement Control Order.

1. Organise

The first thing anyone should take this opportunity to do is to list and label all the things you have in your household. This helps you to keep all your things in check to see if you are running low on any supplies like soap or toothpaste and whether you have an excess of things like old clothes and toys that you can donate to charity. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to test out that KonMari Method everyone has been talking about since 2019.

2. Write

While most of us love to read, (especially the one reading this right now!) not many like to write. How about putting your thoughts into words? Professionals would explore LinkedIn for articles written by other business leaders and be inspired by them, so why not inspire others with your insights? Be a thought leader by penning down your ideas and sharing them with the world. As others engage with your writings, you can also learn from their criticisms to better yourself. As you start writing, you are on the path to becoming a thought leader.

3. Exercise

Being stuck at home is no excuse for not looking after your own health. There’s plenty of exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Look up YouTube videos on home aerobics; this Guardian article shows you how you can use household items as substitutes for gym equipment.

4. Teach

Having kids at home during this time might be a bit overwhelming, especially since it coincided with the school holiday season and school holiday plans had to be cancelled. This means children would be restless at home, but instead of sitting them in front of a screen watching YouTube videos all day and wasting away their learning potential, you could take some time to enrich their minds with some cool arts and science projects that they wouldn’t have the opportunity to conduct in school. Here are some ideas compiled by Live Science just in time for this situation.

5. Cook

Thankfully, the current Movement Control Order is only a partial lockdown, and we are still free to go out and buy groceries. For that reason, we don’t have to rely on food delivery services all the time, especially since deliverymen are currently overwhelmed due to the sudden increase in demand for food and other delivery services, with some people having to wait up to two hours for their food to arrive. Don’t worry, you’re not entering Masterchef or Hell’s Kitchen, so you are given leeway to test and experiment with simple recipes. Hey, you might even discover a new passion for cooking!

6. Practise

Sometimes we can be overwhelmed with work, especially for those of us who travel long distances to the office and back home. By the end of the day, we end up tired and no longer have the energy for our favourite hobbies. Now with the Movement Control Order, we no longer need to travel to the office, and we can take short breaks in between work. Simple hobbies such as writing or singing can be practised in the comfort of one’s own home.

7. Plan

The Movement Control Order is not going to last forever, so why not take this time to plan out your next trip as a break from all this? After the whole tide of COVID-19 is over, and international travel is safe again, the travel and tourism industry is sure to receive all patrons with welcome arms with big promotions of being safe from the novel coronavirus for tourists to visit. Take a look at some of our Destinations articles for some inspiration on where to visit next!

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