My First Ever Skydiving Experience

My First Ever Skydiving Experience

The day when we have decided to go and try sky diving unplanned, the only thing that engulfed my mind, body and soul soon after that moment was only fear.. an extremely fearful one. You know, how could you possibly not be scared if you’re really going to jump off 15,000 feet from the sky?

Long story short, it’s only natural that I felt extremely terrified the moment while I’m on the plane and the only thing I could only probably think of during that time were only every bad possibilities which could end of my life horribly if things really went wrong.

At any rate, I told myself that I needed to put my fears aside, face the challenge as there was really no way back already as soon as we reached 15,000 feet above and also when they have already opened the door plane and getting ready to take the plunge.

The moment when I got bumped off the plane, I had a few seconds of temporary blackout but soon after that, I realized that it’s the beginning of the most surreal experience of adrenaline rush ever in my entire life.

I am so grateful that I did it and in doing so, I’ve managed to push my limits to the next level and overcame my deepest fear.

If I didn’t, I won’t be able to view the breathtaking scenery from 15,000 feet to the ground, the excitement of parachuting up in the air without any enclosure and most important of all, creating unforgettable memories and experience for me to take back and cherish forever.

Speaking of that experience, I quickly realized that the returns of facing fear courageously would eventually outstrip the potential loss of opportunity and happiness.

It’s risk worth taking in life.

These are some profound quotes which have been useful in my life for guidance whenever I faced extremely difficult predicaments which requires me to overcome fear and I believe it still stands true till this date.

“We don’t remember days, We remember moments.”

“Fear is temporary, achievement is permanent”

You only live once,

but once is enough if you live it right.

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Written by ecats88