My First Wonderful Australia Trip

14 December 2016 – 30 December 2016

This is my family’s 1st visit to Australia, we were very excited because we rented a car and travelled from Gold Coast – Apollo Bay -Twelve Apostles – Melbourne – Sydney. We then departed from Sydney to Malaysia.

This was an amazing experience, we spent 3 days relaxing at Gold Coast than we took our time and travelled from port to port and to some small towns, some of the towns were very small, in fact we spent 2 days sleeping at McDonalds / petrol station because we were not able to book a motel or hotel. This was mainly due to the fact that it was during summer holidays. Hence it was really packed in every tourist spot.

When we passed by Sydney and Melbourne, we continued our journey until we headed to Apollo Bay, it is a very beautiful beach and famous tourist spot, we decided to stay at Apollo Bay for 4 days and started to explore the beaches like and other forests at Apollo Bay. We really enjoyed the life here and we were able to witness Koala Bears, Kangaroos & Foxes at the roadside at the middle of the night after having a pleasant dinner at Chris’s at the hill side.  After spending 4 days at Apollo Bay and Twelve Apostles, we decided to continue our journey to Melbourne for 2 days to experience Australia’s city life. I managed to contact one of my best friend which works at Sydney and he became our tour guide and he brought us to many famous tourist spots like Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and SeaFood Market at Sydney…we really enjoyed the trip because of him…Thank You Bro Jamie Toh. Appreciate your kindness that you were able to take your time to bring us around Sydney. Thanks m8. Hahahaha

My family and I really enjoyed this country and we will definitely revisit Australia soonIMG-20161230-WA0027received_10154286032983262received_10154289044183262received_10154289043668262

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Written by SeanKyle