My Journey To Bangkok, Thailand.

Our close neighboring country, Thailand has actually been a powerhouse when it comes to tourism; and there are plenty of good reasons why. Welcome to my “Experience Walkthrough” in the city of Bangkok, written by yours truly. 

So what makes Thailand such an attraction to tourists? One of the main points is actually why a lot of people travel to other countries: to try their food! Thailand’s plethora of food is impressive: boasting their Kaw Pad Thai to their Green Curries, and of course their Tom Yum soup! The daredevils in you may even want to try the more ambitious delicacies: grilled fried crickets and grasshoppers.

Not only that, but the city life is also thriving and is brimmed with bright lights (mostly from the horrendous traffic jams) and bustling people. Their airport themed mall – Terminal 21 – is a definite must go as the decorations as well as the shopping experience is truly something worth seeing and feeling. 


I wish I could’ve written longer, but alas, my fingers tire. If I feel more motivated to write here, maybe I will update. 




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