MYBestTravelMoments : Laman Padi, Langkawi

MYBestTravelMoments : Laman Padi, Langkawi

My family’s favorite local holiday destination is the Laman Padi, Langkawi. Laman Padi includes a rice museum, with mock rice paddy field to learn rice cultivation process. This whole place is beautiful, and should be widely promoted to not only tourists but especially Malaysians so that we can learn the steps and process of how rice is cultivated until it is served on our plate!

We were all given conical hats which was a nice touch. First, we were taken to the field where they plant the seedlings. When it’s ready, it will be plucked and the roots cleaned so that it can be replanted. My sons were so excited to get into the knee-deep rice paddy field. They did the whole process, including the transplanting.


The guide then explained to my boys the various ways to protect the rice field in the olden days – 1) Use a huge net that they spread across the paddy field,  2) Use a scarecrow, and 3) Build a high bird house for the ‘pegar’ bird; whose job is to guard the paddy – this is where the Malay saying comes from – ‘harapkan pegar, pegar makan padi’.


After that, the guide showed my sons the tradisional devices to extract the rice from its husks. My sons got to try the foot mortar atau ‘hindik’. The concept is similar to normal mortar; using our foot to stomp on a long log, that moves the pestle.

Next my sons did so many other interesting activities like learning how to build a scarecrow, which they enjoyed so much. 


The guide was very commendable; not only was he very knowleadgable about paddy and its cultivation process, but speaks very good English, articulate and he was really good in using simple words that children will easily understand. So proud to have a guide like him in any tourist spots in Malaysia!

Our time at Laman Padi was very informative and fun! I am sure my sons have new-found appreciation for the rice-paddy farmers; knowing it’s hard work to get that single grain of rice! 

Not just for the children, but adults can also enjoy a good learning experience here. As Malaysian, it also made me proud to learn about the beauty of our nation’s rice cultivation process.

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Written by Syigim Sharifuddin