Lombok has always been on my Bucket List thanks to the Instagram friends I made that live there. Social media has really broken boundaries allowing us access to further fuel our curiosity and explore territories unknown to most. The sights, food, landscape and culture are so captivating that it has brought me back four times to the island since 2016. It’s become more accessible and, in my opinion, a must visit if you’re within the area of Bali.

One of the plus points about Lombok is that it’s slightly more affordable than Bali. I would suggest new travelers to the island at least five days to enjoy and explore. One of my favourite places to visit is the Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Get there before sunrise and I promise you it will be a sight you will never forget. It took me about 30 minutes from Mataram, the central of Lombok, with a 15-minute hike to get there. Behold the beauty.



There’s something very haunting, at the same time beautiful about sunrises. I was brought to Batu Idung Hills and Merese Hill to capture the magic of daybreak. Most of locations require you to be up as early as 6.30AM to enjoy the transition of night sky to a spectacular streak of colorful day skies. These places are not considered hiking destinations in Lombok unlike Mount Rinjani, making them easily accessible.



I’m sure most of you would like to know more “Instragammable” spots in Lombok. Some of my favourites are Villa Hantu, Selong Belanak Beach, Benang Kelambu Waterfall and Batu Payung Beach, to name a few.



An unfortunate accident happened on my last trip, but it wouldn’t stop me from ever going back. The incident will forever be in my memory and it made me more conscious of my purpose and being. The island holds with it so much history and traditions that a part of me believes that not only was I clumsy, but I may have trespassed boundaries sacred to nature when it happened. While attempting to shoot the Milky Way, I dropped my camera off a 100-meter cliff. The camera was beyond any saving when I found it early the next morning.


At that moment, it made me think nature wanted me to be there to truly immerse myself in its beauty and to put the camera “away”. Thank you, Lombok for teaching me this valuable lesson and for showing me your beauty again and again and allowing me to capture parts of it. The rest, well, you will have to see it with your own eyes.

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Written by shafiqanaksaleh