New Businesses That Emerged Because Of COVID-19

New Businesses That Emerged Because Of COVID-19

In response to the global pandemic, the Malaysian government ordered a Movement Control Order (MCO) to be imposed on the country as a measure to control and minimise the spread of COVID-19, later relaxed into a Conditional Movement Control Oder (CMCO). A few months into the MCO and the CMCO, many businesses have been forced to close, like the entire “Boba Street” in SS15. However, while this situation is a bad time for businesses that cannot cope with the changes, it presents an opportunity for those who recognise the gaps in the market for services that are essential. Thus, new businesses have emerged out of the ashes left behind by the ones that burned out. Here are some businesses that have spawned because of COVID-19.


A housewife by the name of Lee Yoke Chan has recently started a Facebook account under the name 珍美味. She usually prepares dried shrimp sambal for her friends, but on their insistence, she created the Facebook account to start selling her dried shrimp sambal, sambal belacan, as well as longan douhua to those outside her circle of friends.


Posted by 珍美味 on Rabu, 27 Mei 2020


Ohana360 was born as a project by Heretix360 to provide an extensive range of services to condominium residents, starting with a meal delivery service and soon to expand into selling children’s educational resources among many other condovenience ideas such as groceries and daily necessities in the pipeline. Their meal delivery service currently covers Bukit Jalil, Sri Petaling, Happy Garden, Kuchai Lama, and OUG, with a weekly menu that changes based on demand.

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Posted by Ohana360 on Khamis, 28 Mei 2020

Tracy’s Home Made Food

Tracy started selling her homemade dim sum and dumplings via where she explains that she started this business “to earn extra income during MCO.” Her promise to customers is “to deliver the best bakchang (dumplings)” and claims that during her free time, she usually makes dumplings, which also happens to be her favourite food as well. Her online shop saw a boom in business when Kravve decided to promote her dumplings on Facebook, garnering over two thousand reactions and several hundreds of inquiries.

【我们不一样❗ 80%都是料❗】😋【什么都不要买不要紧,不能不试下 “招牌肉粽“ !】😍【大大块猪肉、配上大大颗的香菇、生蚝、咸蛋黄,简直不能再好吃了!真的!】.“原来吃粽子也可以大口吃肉。。。”.【三款传统新鲜肉粽】1️⃣….

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Sugu Pavithra

The husband-and-wife pair, M. Sugu and S. Pavithra, would never have imagined in their life that one day they would become YouTube superstars. They started their YouTube channel under the joint name of Sugu Pavithra back in January this year to share their passion for cooking. In four days, they received 5,000 subscribers, with YouTube e-mailing them to become a YouTube partner. In a few months, they grew to 165,000 subscribers, which then provided them with a monthly income in US dollars. Their popularity grew exponentially after Japanese YouTuber iChang RM posted a series of videos in which she prepares Malaysian dishes based on the recipes in the Sugu Pavithra channel, which she also links to in the description of her videos. At the time of this publishing, the couple currently has 630 thousand subscribers, and their most popular videos are around the 1 million view mark.

Disinfection Services

Thanks to the CMCO, many businesses are allowed to reopen again under strict conditions, chief among them hygiene. This provided an opportunity for many small disinfectant firms to step up and offer disinfection services which are highly in demand. Even the larger firms are booked up for days, if not weeks, so the new smaller firms are not left without businesses.

Tahu Walik Grebit

Indonesian couple Esther Christine Natalia and her husband decided to sell tahu walik (fried tofu) through Instagram on their page Tahu Walik Grebit after they discovered a great-tasting recipe. She wasn’t expecting many customers, but the demand proved her wrong. Now they are facing a different challenge of juggling their work and cooking since they still have a job that requires them to work from home.

So those were a few amazing new businesses that emerged because of COVID-19. Do you know of any more businesses that started because of COVID-19? Let us know in the comments down below!

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