Park & Dine at the Piazza by Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA

Park & Dine at the Piazza by Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA

Drive-in dining is not new to Malaysia. When A&W opened their PJS 52 outlet in 1965, they brought in the concept of a drive-in, where customers can park their vehicles at the restaurant and receive service right in the comfort of their own cars. Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA is proud to provide the same concept, called Park & Dine, to all diners who wish to enjoy the same experience with a different ambience and delicious local dishes.

Sama-Sama Hotel @ KLIA

Sama-Sama Hotel is a multi-award-winning five star luxury hotel located next to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Getting between Sama-Sama Hotel and KLIA is only a 3-minute buggy ride away via a covered skybridge that connects the two buildings. Now, however, you won’t have to park elsewhere, as Sama-Sama Hotel is offering free parking along the street on Jalan CTA 4B, next to the Piazza, for all diners. Diners can then enjoy their meals at the open-air cafe.

Park & Dine

Sama-Sama Hotel is also offering an alternative for those who would rather stay in the comfort of their cars and enjoy the view of the lush greenery, with the occasional aircraft taking off in the sky. This has also quite a similar feel to being served aboard a plane.

Kaw-Kaw Menu

What’s being offered for foodies? The hotel’s culinary team, headed by Executive Chef Ahmad Farhan Noorzali, has prepared a special Kaw-Kaw menu for this special outdoor dining session. The Kaw-Kaw menu comes in five parts: Kaw-Kaw Special, Nangis Kaw-Kaw Set, Pizza Piazza, Kaw-Kaw Sejuk, and Snack.

Kaw-Kaw Special

Kaw-Kaw Special features local favourites like Mee Rebus Wak Zul, Char Kway Teow, and Mee Chicken Ball Soup, starting at an affordable price of RM8.

Nangis Kaw-Kaw Set

The Nangis Kaw-Kaw Set features a choice of chicken, beef or mutton grilled and served with white rice, ulam timun, sup bujang, and sambal nangis. The word “nangis” means “cry” in Malay, so you should know what to expect when ordering from the Nangis Kaw-Kaw Set, but you’ll also regret and cry if you don’t try!

Pizza Piazza

Pizza Piazza features four fabulous flavours of pizza for you to choose from: Pepperoni, Quatro Formaggi (four cheese), Margaretta, and Chicken Marsala.

Kaw-Kaw Sejuk

Kaw-Kaw Sejuk features a whole range of delicious desserts and drinks. Complement and complete your meal with Cendol Pulut Dey Rivin or ABC Goyang at only RM5 each, and quench your thirst with one of the three signature smoothies: Sendayan Mango, Sepang Passion, and Gemilang Express. Hot and iced coffee and tea are also available alongside a variety of other drinks.


Miss the memorable Malaysian snacks like cucur udang, goreng pisang and rojak buah? You can also enjoy the snacks prepared by the team from 4pm onwards, including several other things like takoyaki, Korean fried chicken ball hot goujons with cheese sauce, sandwiches, cakes, etc. Check out their assortment of homemade cookies and biscuits too!


If you’re rushing for time but still want to savour these specials in your own time, you can always call ahead to preorder for takeaways or “tapau”. Sama-Sama Hotel welcomes patrons who wish to “tapau” their Park & Dine specials to contact their Food & Beverage team at 016-262 0469 to preorder your meals and pull-up or park for pick-up at the Piazza.

What are you looking forward to trying at Park & Dine by Sama-Sama Hotel? Have you had an enjoyable experience with drive-in dining? Share with us your wonderful experience of Park & Dine in the comments section below!

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