Penang Ais Tingkap

When i travel to Penang, i can’t miss to get a taste of Ais Tingkap. The best thirst-quenching drink in Penang and a good cooling effect for a hot day to release body heat.

Beside that famous cendol and ice kacang, you should also try this Ais Tingkap ( Window Sherbet in English). The name Ais Tingkap was born when the seller began selling this special drink through a window way back in the 1920s.

Its nice to see and nice to drink, but when you see the preparation you will be amaze how many ingredients are added in. Ais Tingkap is a beverage containing coconut water, coconut flesh, rose syrup, basil seeds, shaved ice and importantly the special mixture of Indian herbs. All these ingredients will give you a sweet and chilling drink aromatic with rose flavor.

The taste are so good and refreshing. It is smooth and crunchy, sugary sweet and fruity. Once of the best summer drinks to beat the summer heat.

A completed version of Ais Tingkap will cost you for only RM2! Ais Tingkap can only found in Penang and the stall situated at Lebuh Tamil are easy to find, just beside Chowrasta Market. If you ever visit Penang, do not miss this very unique cold drink by the name of Ais Tingkap.

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Written by NANIE