Perks and Challenges of Being a Digital Nomad in Jordan

Perks and Challenges of Being a Digital Nomad in Jordan

Jordan is a place of wonders – rich culture and history, Instagram-worthy natural sights featuring great freelancing opportunities… Like most things in life, choosing the life of a digital nomad in Jordan has its perks and challenges, so here is a great starting point on what to look out for when planning your freelance move there.

Setting Up Your Workplace The Way You Want It

Accommodation options in Jordan, especially in the city of Amman, are generally rated high by other freelancers. Grab your chance to work there as a digital nomad, as the prices are still affordable, yet steadily rising. These places offer not only a good bargain, but also high-quality residential and recreational areas. This is mainly due to many former military camps being transformed into properties with great amenities. Moreover, your breadwinner, aka WIFI, isn’t a hassle, especially since fiber optics internet in Jordan is available. A comfortable work and home base with fast internet? Yes, please.


Trips You Couldn’t Make Otherwise

Being a digital nomad in Jordan is the perfect opportunity to take trips that last a few days. When you find yourself with a few days off, why not visit the ancient city of Petra? Instead of just driving down there, use the presence of your new friends to venture on a hike with a tour guide. Climb steep rocky terrains and cross (extra)terrestrial dry river beds or dive deep into some of them. You can plan your route as to come across environmentally conscious accommodations, stay in Bedouin camps, and visit the amazing archaeological site of Little Petra before arriving at the city of Petra.

Distance From Family and Friends

Nearly everything in life has its upsides and downsides, and venturing into the unknown brings its own set. Being a digital nomad often means working from home in a new environment, away from friends and family. Loneliness can be a pest and can hit some people hard because, after all, people are social animals and deep connections are important. Luckily, as we have mentioned above, WIFI can help out with this issue. Between working and exploring new surroundings, you can keep loved ones updated over social media, while video calls can still grant you hangouts. Lest we forget the split-screen apps and options, so a lot of couples and friends still binge-watch shows together even with thousands of miles between them!


New Faces, New Horizons

Staying in one place for a few months or more? It would be a shame not to connect with locals. Be it through chit-chat on the market or through services like Couchsurfing where people also offer to hang out with you, the chance to grab a coffee or learn about the history of Jordan is right there for you to grab! Also, what better way to learn about the best places to eat and useful tips for visiting landmarks than by asking those who live in the country? Acquaintances or new friends both can enrich your life in new ways. And when you get the aching feeling for those anchors from your real life, your loved ones are only a call or a message away.

Be Transport-savvy

After a while in Jordan, you will get an even better hang of getting around, but you should know for starters that cycling isn’t the easiest option, due to the terrain and infrastructure. While you can rent a car, you can also hire a taxi (even for the whole day!), just don’t forget to tip 10%. It’s not a must, but it is the etiquette, the same as in most places. Another option for leaving the driving to someone else is to ride buses that are the main way of getting around inter-city areas in Jordan. For example, most of them are minibusses that operate between neighbouring towns and Amman.


Weather Wins and Woes

You would probably expect Jordan to be a sunshine-rich country, and you’re mainly right, with temperatures often exceeding 35 degrees. Although winters can be pretty chilly, with the thermometer showing below zero, you can situate yourself next to the Dead Sea for a more moderate climate. When you’re there already, it would anyways be rather a shame not to soak in the healthy benefits of the minerals found in the salt-high waters of the sea, while many also enjoy rubbing the mud on themselves, which leaves their skin smooth. And who doesn’t want one of those famous pictures of themselves floating on their backs and reading a book in the Dead Sea?

The most important thing is to set yourself up nicely, so you can ensure you’re productive during your stay, but also keep an open mind and just soak in the stories and culture around you. Balance is key.

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