Places to travel in Malaysia once MCO is over!

Places to travel in Malaysia once MCO is over!

There are a lot of places to travel in Malaysia. But most Malaysians are more fond of foreign countries rather than their own homeland, even I would be too.

But what should we do if no foreign countries travel to Malaysia? Would our tourist sites be left with dust? Or would Malaysians travel to these sites?

Here are my top 5 Best Destinations to travel in Malaysia!

1. Christ Church Malacca

Christ Church Malacca, or most people call it ‘Rumah Merah’ or ‘Red House’, is one of my favourite places to travel in Malaysia!

I visited Malacca quite often because my mother’s hometown is there. But I rarely visit the tourist sites due to its crowded spaces. I remembered visiting the red house and riding the tricycle, the music it played was really loud, everyone was watching us and gave way to the tricycle. We got to view some of Malacca’s wonderful sites.

During the night we went to Jonker Street. There’s a drink which I would buy everytime I go there, and that’s the coconut ball. Coconut ball is a husked coconut flesh and water in a plastic container. I find it really cute too. It looks squishy on the outside and tasty on the inside. It’s a drink I would recommend to anyone who goes there!

2. Cameron Highland

I visited here during my primary years, I couldn’t say I remember the whole picture, but there’s still some floating in my mind when I think about it.
I remember visiting here with my family and relatives. I rode my uncle’s car, his car has a sunroof, and I would lift my head out of the roof to see the green mountains. We had tea, the air was really cold. I had to wear a jacket and a scarf to keep myself warm. The strawberries were really tasty, most people would prefer eating sweet strawberries rather than sour ones, but for me, I love to eat sour fruits. Other than that, I couldn’t remember much, but it’s the coldest place in Malaysia I has visited.

3.  Pulau Langkawi

I went to Pulau Langkawi two times. And it became my favourite place to travel when there’s a holiday in Malaysia.

The first time was when I was 12 years old. It was my primary graduation year-end trip. We stayed there for two nights, and visited Dataran Lang. I remember riding a boat to Gua Kelawar. There’s bats hanging in the cave. I couldn’t see much because it was really dark. But all in all It was my most memorable trip away from my family.

The second time I went there was in 2017. This time however, I went with my whole family. We got to visit the skybridge where I was unable to visit during my graduation trip. It was really fun, we rode the cable car and took a picture with the skybridge. My sister however, was afraid of the transparent glass floor.

4. Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)

KLCC was my first high school club trip. The club I entered was The Chinese Association Club, so when I asked my mother whether I could join, she didn’t hesitate and said yes. We went there early in the morning, we first went to the oceanarium. One of the aquatic animals which I remember the most was the seahorse. I found it really interesting when it was giving birth to its babies.

After the oceanarium, we went to Petrosains. It was really fun seeing all the scientific technologies. For lunch we ate McDonald’s. The teachers were passing out burgers, fries and cokes for us. But I wasn’t really fond of soft drinks, so I gave my coke to one of my friends. There wasn’t much time for us to wander around. The teachers only gave us to wander for about 15 minutes. While I was searching for pictures for the article, the thought that passed through me is that the night view of KLCC is so dazzling. I can’t wait to visit there during the night.

5. Kapalai Island

I was never interested how Sabah would be like, until I saw a video on youtube where they were travelling to Kapalai Island, Sabah.
The food they were eating was seafood like prawns and crabs. They even played water sports such as snorkeling and diving. It later struck me that I have to travel there in the future. Kapalai Island became my number 1 bucket list to travel in Malaysia once the pandemic ends!

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Written by Jane Yip