Places We’ve Missed During MCO

Places We’ve Missed During MCO

The Movement Control Order (MCO) has been hard on everyone, especially extroverts who are distressed over being stuck at home instead of being able to go outside to mingle with others. While some of us can still enjoy the comfort of mamak food at home via takeaways and deliveries, it’s not quite the same as lepaking at the mamak restaurants with friends over a cup of teh tarik (the words “lepaking” and “teh tarik” were added to the Oxford English Dictionary in March 2016, while “mamak” was added later that same year in September). Here are some of the places we’ve missed during the MCO that some of us were dying to return to after the MCO is lifted.

Zoo Negara

The National Zoo of Malaysia, Zoo Negara, is home to over 5,000 animals from close to 500 different species. The zoo is one of the most interesting places where there’s lots to see, always filled with people during the school holidays; except for this year due to the MCO. Funding of the zoo is dependent on ticket fees as well as donors and sponsors. Thus, when the MCO went into effect, the zoo had to tap into their emergency fund which is only sufficient to last for three months. Let’s plan a visit to Zoo Negara to help them maintain the care of the animals and the zoo!


If you want to escape the sun and still look at lots of animals, there’s also aquariaKLCC, which is an oceanarium in KLCC which is also home to over 5,000 animals, with the vast majority of them aquatic. It’s an amazing experience being able to look at the dangerous piranhas and the impressive Japanese spider crab up close, especially as you travel through the underwater tunnel and observe the sharks, turtles and manta rays swimming around.

Mamak Restaurants

Most Malaysians would miss going to the mamak and having teh tarik or teh ais with a fresh plate of roti canai with your friends. Where else can you go to satisfy your midnight cravings of a nice plate of Maggi goreng mamak? Who can ever forget the delicious curries covering a steaming plate of white rice as you ask for kari campur? Cheese naan straight out of the oven is on the top of our list.

Shopping Malls

Malaysia has many shopping malls for a reason: Malaysians can’t get enough of shopping malls. Prior to the MCO, you can spend an hour in Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid just to find parking. That’s not really surprising, considering that one could literally spend the entire day in a shopping mall window shopping, eating at the many different restaurants at the mall, watch movies at the cinemas, etc. There are seven different malls within Bukit Bintang alone! Malaysian lepaking culture can’t be complete without shopping complexes.

Theme Parks

Out of all the places we’ve missed, none can compare to theme parks. These places provide a day of fun and excitement away from the hubbub of urban living. ESCAPE, an outdoor theme park in George Town, Penang, is home to the world’s longest inner tube/mat water slide at 1,111 m. The VOID is a multi-sensory VR experience “theme park” in Genting Highlands that is fully immersive, combining the visual effects of the VR headset with touch and even smells. We have quite a few water parks as well: Sunway Lagoon in Petaling Jaya, Selangor; Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh, Perak; and Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark in Bandar Penawar, Johor, to name a few.

And that’s our list of places we’ve missed during the MCO. Are there any other places you missed during that time? Your favourite restaurants or places to visit? Let us know in the comments down below!

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