Ramadan 2022 Buffets in Malaysia You Shouldn’t Miss

Ramadan 2022 Buffets in Malaysia You Shouldn’t Miss

Every year, Ramadan comes and goes. From sunrise to sunset, able-bodied Muslims are obliged to completely abstain from all food and drink in order to achieve taqwa, the awareness of and fear of God, as well as to reflect on one’s life and actions. After the sun sets, however, comes the time to rest from fasting, which usually means a feast to celebrate the momentary breaking of the fast. Ramadan 2022 would be 100% more festive compared to the previous two years since Malaysia has started to transition to the Endemic Phase of the National Recovery Plan, meaning there is no longer a 50% capacity limit for all facilities, though everyone is still encouraged to observe social distancing as much as possible. Let’s take a look at some of these special selections, delectable delights, and bounteous buffets!

‘Destinasi Selera’ @ Chatterz, All Day Dining Hatten Hotel Melaka—Malacca

Hatten Hotel Melaka would like to bring your tastebuds to places with their Destinasi Selera Ramadan buffet dinner served in Chatterz, All Day Dining. In addition to popular local cuisine such as lemang and rendang, otak-otak and freshly-made roti john, unlimited seafood on ice such as prawns, crabs and mussels await. What’s interesting here is that they also have durian tempura! But that’s not the highlight as the highlight is the whole roast goat. Additionally, they have cupcakes in packs of four or six that you can take back home to enjoy at home or gift to friends and family. In addition to the Ramadan buffet, Hatten Hotel Melaka is also having a Ramadan Staycation package for friends, couples and families with the Destinasi Selera Ramadan buffet dinner included at just RM230 per night for two adults, or RM350 per night for two adults and two children, and both packages also include breakfast or sahur.

Destinasi Selera

4 April–1 May 2022, 6:30 PM–9 PM daily

Chatterz, All Day Dining

RM99 nett per adult

RM49.50 nett per child

RM79.20 nett per senior citizen

WhatsApp: https://wa.me/60129697295 

Ramadan Staycation

4 April–1 May 2022

RM230/night for Junior Suite, 2 adults

RM350/night for 2 x Studio Suite, 2 adults + 2 children

‘Sajian Antara Benua’ @ Continents Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA—Selangor

We have featured Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA before in our Selangor Travelling Guide as it is a multi-award-winning five-star luxury hotel that is right next to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), which gives you a nice view of the airport and runway. Their Continents restaurant had been under renovation, but it is back better than ever and ready to host their Sajian Antara Benua Ramadan buffet. Sajian Antara Benua (Malay for “Intercontinental Meals”) presents a worldwide variety of dishes across seven continents, including meals from the Mediterranean, Japan, India and China, as well as traditional Malay and kopitiam food.

Sajian Antara Benua

4–29 April 2022


RM156 nett per adult

RM72 nett per child

Call: +603 8787 3333 ext. 2488

WhatsApp: https://wa.me/60162620469 

‘Santapan Warisan’ @ Pasar Baru/Grand Ballroom @ New World Petaling Jaya Hotel—Selangor

We have previously featured New World Petaling Jaya Hotel in our article on Ramadan deals for last year when they had their Santapan Warisan Ramadan buffet dinner at their Pasar Baru restaurant. This year, they are bringing Santapan Warisan back for Ramadan 2022, but with some slight differences: instead of just having it at Pasar Baru, they are also having it at the Grand Ballroom on certain dates with special rates. During the middle of the Santapan Warisan Ramadan buffet for 2022, you can opt to dine at the Grand Ballroom at a discounted rate with further discounts if you book as a group of 20 persons or more. Will they feature the same crowd-pleasing delights as last year? Or will they surprise you with something new and exciting? Find out by joining the buffet!

Santapan Warisan

4 April–2 May 2022, 7 PM–10 PM daily

Pasar Baru

RM128 nett for adults (until 7 April)

RM148 nett for adults (8 April onwards)

11–26 April 2022, 7 PM–10 PM daily

Grand Ballroom

RM88 nett per adult with minimum purchase of 20 persons

RM98 nett per adult

Call: +6012-3909 949 or +6010-2163 810

‘Masakan Nusantara Ramadan Buffet’ @ The Café Berjaya Penang Hotel—Penang

Berjaya Penang Hotel in Georgetown is a four-star hotel that is about 30 minutes away from Penang International Airport. This year, they are having the Masakan Nusantara Ramadan Buffet at The Café featuring food from the Nusantara region, i.e. the Malay Archipelago. Diners can expect delicious traditional delights such as sup gear box (bone marrow broth made with the leg bones of cows, or “tulang gear box” in local slang, hence the name of this dish), roasted goat, gulai kawah, tandoori chicken and more. As an added bonus, there are lucky draws where you can win accommodation and meal vouchers too!

Masakan Nusantara Ramadan Buffet

6 April–1 May 2022, 7 PM–10 PM daily

The Café

RM68 nett per adult (Buy 5 Free 1)

RM50 nett per senior citizen

RM35 nett per child

Call: +604-220 7373 or +604-227 7111

Email: pg.f&b@berjayahotel.com 

‘Gurindam Lagenda’ @ Spice Brasserie The Light Hotel Penang—Penang

Penang mainlanders, don’t fret as The Light Hotel, a five-star hotel in Seberang Jaya, has Gurindam Lagenda at Spice Brasserie, their casual dining restaurant. A gurindam is a type of traditional Malay and Indonesian poetry, and this Legendary Literature serves to weave a ballad of flavours to court your palate. A variety of Ramadan classics, including lemang and roast goat, await the opportunity to serenade your senses. You can also purchase Ramadan Gift Vouchers at a discount too, so you can treat someone to the Gurindam Lagenda Ramadan buffet at a lower price.

Gurindam Lagenda

4 April–2 May 2022, 7 PM–9:30 PM daily

Spice Brasserie

RM118+ per adult

RM98+ per senior citizen

RM80+ per child

Call: +604-382 1111

Ramadan Gift Voucher

RM98 nett

So these are some of the most interesting Ramadan 2022 deals in Malaysia that we think you shouldn’t miss. Which ones of the above will you be going for? Are there any others you know of? Let us know in the comments! If you’re looking for more Ramadan hotel buffets in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, check out this Facebook post that has compiled over 20 different offers in the Klang Valley.

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