Ramadhan Bazaar @ Bayan Baru, Penang

The Ramadhan Bazaar at Bayan Baru, located just beside Bayan Baru market and Masjid Umar Al Khatab is one of the biggest Bazaar available. This temporary market is only available during the holy fasting month for the Muslim every year, and it draws a huge crowd as early as 4pm. Dozens of stalls are here, selling various mouth-watering dishes.

An exodus of crowd will be flocking the area daily, causing a substantial traffic congestion within the vicinity of the bazaar. Parking may be a challenge there, hence do prepare to park your car a distance away and walk there. Nonetheless, the varieties of food sold here is the one of the solid reason you should be here.

The price for the food here is rather reasonable in our opinion. If you are on a tight budget for dinner, assuming RM5 only, you could land yourself with a packet of Nasi Kerabu and a piece of fried chicken.

ikan bakar
Ikan Bakar


ayam percik

ayam percik
Ayam Percik


penang famous ayam percik awet muda ayam percik ayam golek bayan baru

ayam golek bayan baru
Ayam Golek

bayan baru8

nasi kerabu bazaar bayan baru
Nasi Kerabu

nasi kerabu

nasi kerabu bayan baru

kurma meera dates bayan baru

nasi tomato bazaar bayan baru

laksa d'45 tunas muda nasi lemak ayam pandan jus buah-buahan bazaar bayan baru

jus buah-buahan bazaar ramadhan bayan baru ayam goreng utagha kebab brotherhood bayan baru pulut durian bayan baru pulut durian bayan baru


This year Ramadhan month happens to be coincide with the durian season thus Pulut Durian is available. Would pulut for buka puasa seems like a heavy choice?

ayam goreng bazaar bayan baru

We bought the fried chicken here. A big piece cost RM2 while a small piece cost RM1 only! We were in fact drew by the crowd picking the fried chicken in front of the stall. Quite a bargain for the day.

roti john bazaar bayan baru
Roti John


kebab bazaar bayan baru


pak ku murtabak bayan baru


gulai kawah bayan baru

Look at the big pot for cooking the curries. How many servings could it be possibly serve? The business must be really good here.


kambing bakar bayan baru cendol bayan baru coconut shake bayan baru bayan baru30


For that day itself, we had ayam percik (RM 6.00), which is almost immersed in its flavourful sauce, a murtabak (RM3.00), a piece of moderately large fried chicken (RM2.00) and a piece of kebab (RM3.00), and a packet of sea coconut (RM3.00). Total RM17.00 for a satisfactory dinner.

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