Kedah spots!

Kedah spots!

Explore Kedah museum!

The Sultanate of Kedah is Malaysia’s oldest country, with archaeological sites, museums and historical places to visit. A must for history lovers! My friends and I decided to go langkawi when the pandemic was better last year. Instead of going by plane, this time we decided to drop by Kedah first!

Kedah Royal Museum

As history lovers, in order to have a deeper understanding of the royal family of Kedah, the Royal Museum is the best place to visit. The staff said that it used to be a real palace, so be sure to come here to see where the sultan once lived.
驰名合莎园菜脯鱼- 49, Jalan Putra
Last but not least, one must not miss this Chai Po Hu in Kedah!
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Written by Zhiyuan Yeong