Restriction of Movement: Places For Senior Citizens and OKU to Safely Buy Groceries

Restriction of Movement: Places For Senior Citizens and OKU to Safely Buy Groceries

After the announcement by the Malaysian government at 10 pm, 16 March 2020, of the Restriction of Movement in light of the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, all non-essential travelling has been disallowed, and eateries are not allowed to serve dine-in customers. Citizens are encouraged to stay home until 31 March to curb the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Prior to that, rumours of a nationwide lockdown have already sent people panic-buying and hoarding foodstuffs and even toilet paper. This especially affects the elderly and the disabled (Orang Kurang Upaya; OKU) as they are less able to handle crowded situations, besides the fact that COVID-19 affects the elderly more fatally.

With that in mind, both Jaya Grocer and Mydin have announced that they are opening half an hour earlier to cater specifically to the elderly and vulnerable so that they can purchase goods without having to tussle with the crowds.

We are introducing special opening hours from9.30am onwards, 18th-31st March 2020,at all outlets for elderly customers (senior citizens) & their caretakers.

Posted by Jaya Grocer on Isnin, 16 Mac 2020

Istimewa untuk pelanggan warga emas dan orang kelainan upaya, pasar raya MYDIN akan memulakan operasi 30 minit lebih…

Posted by MYDIN Malaysia on Isnin, 16 Mac 2020

Jaya Grocer will be opening from 9:30 am onwards for senior citizens and their caretakers instead of the usual 10 am.

Mydin has different opening times depending on location. They have posted their new opening times on their Facebook page here:

Meanwhile, Ben’s Independent Grocer is reminding all their customers to make way for the elderly and young children while they shop.

It's a mad, mad rush folks but don't work yourselves into a frenzy, we are restocking EVERYDAY! Don't forget that our…

Posted by Ben's Independent Grocer on Isnin, 16 Mac 2020

AEON is cancelling their planned All Nite Sale which was to take place on 20 March 2020.

𝙏̲𝙃̲𝙀̲ ̲𝘼̲𝙀̲𝙊̲𝙉̲"̲𝘼̲𝙇̲𝙇̲ ̲𝙉̲𝙄̲𝙏̲𝙀̲ ̲𝙎̲𝘼̲𝙇̲𝙀̲"̲ ̲𝙄̲𝙎̲ ̲𝘾̲𝘼̲𝙇̲𝙇̲𝙀̲𝘿̲ ̲𝙊̲𝙁̲𝙁̲ In light of the latest developments on the…

Posted by AEON Retail Malaysia on Isnin, 16 Mac 2020

We would like to encourage all business owners to take the above as examples and be mindful of those in need, especially the most vulnerable members of our society during the Restriction of Movement. 

Take all the necessary precautions as outlined in this article we published previously. May all of you stay safe.

Information is correct as of time of publication.

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