Royal Belum Rainforest state park, Perak

Royal Belum Rainforest state park, Perak

My family’s favorite local holiday destination is the Royal Belum state park in Perak; that includes one of the world’s oldest rainforest, dating back 130 million years – the Belum Rainforest. It is said that the name comes from the sound an insect makes that reverberates throughout the forest – “Blom.. blom.. blom..!”

This local destination is our favourite because my sons really enjoyed navigating a bamboo raft over one of the deepest lakes in Malaysia, the Tasik Temenggor near the Royal Belum Forest. It made them appreciate the modern inventions that have helped ease our daily affairs, but at the same time be reminded of how life was back in the olden days when most people uses raft and sampan as transportation.


On a lighter note, it also made them feel that they were in Jumanji! After rafting, a boat-ride around the lake is always exciting, and I remember the guide telling us that tiger-sighting was possible around the area, and tigers are in fact, great swimmers! If you’re lucky, you can perhaps spot a family of elephants crossing the road here. So we’re reminded to always mind the road here when driving.


We stayed at the Belum Rainforest Resort. A gorgeous place to stay that’s very close to nature. You can even see monkeys perching on the trees right outside the hotel room! Its infinity pool is facing the Banjaran Titiwangsa, so you can enjoy a lovely view when you take a dip. Everywhere you look it’s wood and greenery. Every moment here is wonderful, especially being one with the beauty of Malaysia forest. When we’re here, we’re always ready for all sorts of adventure!

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Written by Syigim Sharifuddin