Sakarun: Discover the Most Beautiful Bay of the World

Sakarun: Discover the Most Beautiful Bay of the World

A journey by sea along the Land of a Thousand Islands provides an ideal combination of culture, heritage, cuisine, and natural beauty. The Croatian coast features a variety of gorgeous beaches with crystal-clear water.

Sakarun is a beautiful beach on the northwest coast of Dugi Otok’s lovely Dugi Otok archipelago, in Zadar, Croatia. It’s a vast beach where sand lovers will discover their ideal escape. Dugi Otok literally translates to “Long Island,” and it is the largest of the islands in this part of Dalmatia, with a length of 44.5 kilometers and a width of 4.8 kilometers. Sakarun is also a good starting point for exploring Kornati National Park and Telašćica Nature Park.

What Makes Sakarun Beach in Croatia Unique?

Sakarun Bay has joined the international association known as “The most beautiful bays in the world,” which includes bays from 25 different countries on all six continents. Sakarun beach, locally known as one of the World’s best beaches, is a distinctive place with magnificent biodiversity. The pitch-black pine woods, glittering white pebbles, and constantly shifting color of the sea throughout the day are just a few of the factors that make this beach so unique. It generates enormous underwater meadows that play an important role in the ecosystem. To prevent erosion, seaweed is no longer removed from the beach.

Rent a Boat to Sakarun Beach from Zadar

Dugi Otok is about a two-hour boat ride from Zadar, and it’s not exactly on the way to anywhere. You’ll enjoy more of this beautiful region if you spend more than one day there. Renting a boat in Zadar and going from Zadar to Sakarun Beach and beyond is the ideal choice if you want to see more of this region. If you want a driver or custom itinerary, we can create one especially for you. The trip from Zadar to Saharun is both beautiful and intriguing. You will sail among several islands of the Zadar archipelago, which offer spectacular views.

Sakarun beach is sometimes called the Caribbean of the Adriatic for its whiteness of the sand and turquoise sea. It is around 800 meters long, with 350 meters of shallow to medium-deep water, making it suitable for the youngest swimmers. The combination of crystal clear sea surrounded by a pine forest provides the necessary shade during the hottest days. While Sakarun is located on the open sea, it is sheltered by the long bay, ensuring that water temperatures are always pleasant.

Sakarun Beach Accommodation

There are no hotels or apartments directly on Sakarun Beach, but there is a good variety of accommodation in the local area. Since this bay is tucked away and there are no hotels nearby, swimming in the breathtaking location is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s also a true insider secret for boaters. In the immediate vicinity of the beach, you’ll discover a decent selection of accommodation on Dugi Otok. Božava, Soline, and Veli Rat are three popular island towns. Make reservations or book your vacation home ahead of time to secure your spot.

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