School Holiday Camps for Your Kids

It’s the school holiday! Yay! That would be what your kids are shouting, but internally, as parents, we all would groan, because it would mean having them at home all day. No more ‘me’ time, nooooooooo!


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Or, you could just send them on school holiday camps on the pretext of getting them to learn and experience more while they are still developing. There’s a range of camps from day-camps to stayover camps, depending on your – *ahem* I mean your child’s – needs.

Hi-5 House of Learning’s Superheroes Holiday Programme


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This programme helps enhance creativity while teaching your kids a little more empathy. The camp is for children aged 2-7, where they will create their own superhero down to the costume, and story. The superhero’s narrative revolves around saving the world and protecting animals, where there will be physical challenges involved.

There are half day or full day programmes, depending on which suits your needs better. For bookings, you can contact them at:

Call: +6 03 2095 9919          WhatsApp: +6 016 977 8352                      FB: hi5houseoflearning

HOP Sports & Environment Camps

HOP offers many different type of outdoor camps or trips for every age group. For kids, the recommended age would be between 8 to 12 years old. Most of the camps here are day-camps, where parents would be required to drop off their kids early in the morning, and pick them up in the evening.

Camps for kids include the Diving Camp, where they will not only learn how to dive, but also about various marine species. The Multi-activity Camp brings them into nature with various sports and environmental awareness activities prepared.

For bookings, you’ll have to contact them through the website:

Codejunior’s Minecraft FUN Camp


Looking to get your kids more up-to-date in their computing skills? The Minecraft FUN camp, which runs from 17th to 19th December, teaches children to create Minecraft-themed animations using visual programming, solve coding puzzles through Minecraft game-based learning, as well as participate in off-screen activities such as art projects.

The camp is recommended for ages 6 to 8, and offers a half-day or full-day programme. For more information or bookings, the person to contact is Jacqueline at +6 012 337 7055 or you could drop them an e-mail at

Julia Gabriel Centre’s Holiday Programmes


If you want to let your kids dive into literature, performing arts, drama, role-playing, language games, and creative writing, Julia Gabriel Centre offers a few programmes that will help you do just that. There are two sessions to the programme, from 26th to 30th November, and 3rd to 7th December. The programmes are separated into 3 age categories.

For ages 3 to 4, they have The Amazing Alphabet Adventure, where the kids have to help Ms Lala Letter, the Queen of Alphabet Land find the missing letters of the alphabet. For ages 5 to 6, Captain Whoo?! and The Lost Treasure brings them on a quest with dramatic adventures on a journey with Captain Whoo.

For ages 7 to 9, Travel Through Time brings them on a mission to find Dr Maximillian, who has gone missing after developing a time machine.

To reach out to them, you can call them at:

Bangsar centre:        +603 2095 5500 or +603 2095 5501

Mont’ Kiara centre: +603 6211 4411

CITTA Mall centre:   +603 7832 1133 or +603 7832 2233

So, are you looking forward to the school holidays now? 😉

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