SKS Airways Subang-Pangkor Promo From RM160!

SKS Airways Subang-Pangkor Promo From RM160!

You may have heard of SKS Group, which is a Johor-based organisation founded in 1983 that deals mostly in property development. Over the years, they’ve also expanded into other industries such as investment holding, hospitality, and credit finance. Most recently, they founded SKS Airways, a new startup airline that had recently been awarded the full Air Service Licence (ASL) by the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) effective from 1 January 2022. Their first flight has been planned to take off on 26 January 2022. Let’s take a closer look at what SKS Airways has to offer and what promos they have in store!

SKS Airways Planes

First thing to note about SKS Airways is that they will be flying using the de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300 turboprop planes. Each aircraft has a seating capacity of only 19, and passengers are strongly advised to relieve themselves prior to taking flight as there are no toilets on the plane, which shouldn’t be a problem as each flight between Subang and Pangkor takes only about 45 minutes.

SKS Airways Destinations

While SKS Airways is based in Johor like its parent company SKS Group, they currently operate flights in five destinations: Senai (Johor), Subang (Selangor), Pangkor (Perak), Tioman (Pahang) and Redang (Terengganu). You’ll notice that the last three destinations are all islands, and that’s where SKS Airways comes in. From Senai, you can fly directly to either Subang or Tioman, whereas Pangkor and Redang are both directly accessible via Subang only. Those who wish to visit Tioman have the option of either flying there from Senai or Subang, and likewise for the return trip.

As of this writing, the currently available flights for booking are Subang-Pangkor and Pangkor-Subang, both starting on 26 January 2022; and Subang-Redang and Redang-Subang, but the Subang-Redang flight on 31 January 2022, the very first, has already been sold out.

SKS Airways Pricing

When you purchase a seat on SKS Airways, you may be offered three options (although some may be sold out): SKS Promo, SKS Lite, and SKS Plus. SKS Promo and SKS Lite are, as you may have already guessed from their name, promotional rates and below-average rates respectively. They may not always be available on all flights. SKS Promo is cheaper than SKS Lite, but you don’t get to reschedule once you’ve made your SKS Promo purchase. In both cases, you are not allowed to change the name of the passenger, so you can’t resell your seat to someone else. No refunds or cancellation of reservations either. In the case of SKS Plus, you are not allowed to change the name of the passenger nor are you allowed to cancel your reservation once it’s confirmed either, but it is more lenient in all other areas, such as allowing you to change flight within the same day for the same route, subject to seat availability, and change the date of flight, with change date fee and fare difference. Plus (pardon the pun), you get complimentary access to SkyLounge at Subang Airport prior to departure (though of course this only applies to flights departing from Subang Airport).

SKS Airways Promos

SKS Airways has listed several promos for their flights to popular islands. Subang-Pangkor flights are from RM160 one-way, with the same price for the other direction as well. Subang-Redang starts from RM329 one-way, which is why the first flight has been sold out so quickly. Other flights such as Johor-Tioman and Subang-Tioman are listed as “Coming Soon” because flights to Tioman are still currently being planned out.

Visiting Pangkor?

If you’re planning on visiting Pangkor Island anytime soon, do check out our Pangkor budgeted itinerary for two that might inspire you to plan out your own itinerary!

So, how excited are you about flying via SKS Airways? Be sure to follow them on Twitter to get news of their latest promos as well! Let us know in the comments which islands you’re planning to visit for your vacation.

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