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Summertime always calls for a holiday, especially when you’re still a student, because that’s when all your classes are on break! YAY!

And since it’s summer all-year long in Malaysia, it means that every day is a time for a holiday! Oh, if only that were true. Nonetheless, whether you’re from a tropical heaven like Malaysia or from countries with 4 seasons, summer calls for good travel destinations mostly due to clear, sunny weather!

Looking for a place to go? Here are some of my recommendations!

Mount Desert Island, Maine


Source: Geoff Livingston

Home to amazing seafood, Mount Desert Island is perfect for a family vacation, because of all the activities that you can do there. The most popular destination of Mount Desert Island is Acadia National Park where you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenic areas, or have a short adventure into the wildlife refuges where you can see seabird and wading birds.


Source: duluoz cats

For more a more educational activity, the Oceanarium offers a good experience, where you can learn more about lobsters and look at lobster hatchlings. It’s also a good place for outdoor activities like catching an outdoor movie at the Seaside Cinema, and going for a camp at their campsite in Hadley’s Point.

Virginia Beach


Source: John Getchel

This place is awesome as a cheaper alternative to your summer travels, because instead of a luxurious stay in a hotel where you don’t get to see much, you only need to spend about RM50 to rent a campsite and get the full experience. You can even camp right at the beach, and be bestowed with the amazing view of the pristine shoreline, where seagulls and sandpipers outnumber people.

Getting there, though, requires a little motivation, because overnighters would have to either arrive by boat, or to hike file miles through the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. But the work you put in is really worth the rewards.



Source: pseudopix

Switzerland may be a popular destination during winter because of its skiing locations, but even during summer, they have lots of sports activities that you can do, which is cool for people like me who are not tolerant against the cold weather. The sports activities include hang gliding, climbing the canyon, and a more extreme one: jumping out of a plane!


Source: Kraige Trueman

For the less adventurous or sporty, Switzerland also offers lush sceneries with its beautiful landscape for a more relaxing time.

Ghent, Belgium


Source: Miquel Fabre

For a relaxing, free-and-easy trip for the summer, Ghent is the place to be, especially if you love exploring, discovering hidden gems and intricate architecture. It’s a place where you just wander around appreciating the beauty of all the artistic details in each building.


Source: Tatsuhiko Miyagawa

Also, since you’re already in belgium, chocolates and waffles would be a nice thing to buy. Belgian waffles are a big yum!

Okinawa, Japan


Source: Jonathan Leung

Honestly, you only need one reason to go to Okinawa, and that reason is food. By food, I don’t mean sushi or that sort of food, but unique foods like salt ice cream, Okinawa doughnuts, sweet potato tarts, sea grapes and many, many more!

Food aside, in the summer, the city’s subtropical ambience is what will lure you in for you’ll find colourful flowers and lush landscaping that bloom throughout the year. Its white, sandy beaches and clear waters (like seriously, CLEAR) are hard to resist.


Source: Janine Naoi

You can go island hopping, hiking, birdwatching, scuba diving, or if you like to indulge yourself in some of their history, you can even visit the Shuri Castle where its history dates back to the 1500’s.

So, which of these places would you add to your list?

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