Sweet Deals for the Sweetest Sweets in Malaysia

Sweet Deals for the Sweetest Sweets in Malaysia

It’s October now, which means it’s time for Halloween, and as they say, “trick or treat?” However, we’ve got no tricks here, but instead, we’ll treat all you lovely readers of FlyKLIA to some sweet deals for chocolates and candies. So sweeten up your day with these deals and stock up on your sweets with these delicious deals!

Sweets Heaven Malaysia

Sweets Heaven Malaysia started out close to three years now by the part-time baker and proud owner, Sangeetha. It started from her love of making coconut candy for her kids, and then it grew further when she went on to make them for friends and family as well. Her efforts got so well-known that she started receiving orders from them. Always eager to start her own business, she took the plunge three years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Sangeetha has always been passionate about making sweets and baking cakes for sharing with others, but she had always worried about how to go about starting this business. Fortunately, her husband provided her with the support she needed, and that has led to the flourishing of Sweets Heaven Malaysia. Sweets Heaven Malaysia caters Indian sweets, such as laddoo and coconut candy, as well as brownies as door gifts for weddings and other joyous occasions. During the MCO, Sangeetha also attended baking classes to improve her baking skills. Check out her latest creation, the Ferrero Rocher Cake, which turned out to be a hit! Check out her social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for more pictures and info on her products, such as her coconut candy, cupcakes, brownies, and even eggless butter cakes!

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Harriston Chocolatier Cafe

As the name suggests, Harriston Chocolatier Cafe specialises in all things chocolate, from hot chocolate to chocolate waffle with dark chocolate ice cream served in a chocolate bowl, and if you still can’t get enough chocolate, they also have chocolate bombs, which are drinks with a nice, chocolatey surprise inside. They also serve gourmet non-chocolate foods such as pasta and salads. What you shouldn’t miss out on are their pralines, which are beautiful little works of art that come in 13 different flavours, though you gotta watch out because some of them contain alcohol so better ask in advance. For the month of October, they are promoting their exclusive ruby chocolate, which is made from naturally pink ruby cocoa beans and has a distinctive flavour of its own. Check out their Tin series: within each beautifully decorated tin are chocolate bonbons that come in four different flavours: Dark Chocolate with Espresso, Milk Chocolate with Almond, Ruby Chocolate with Raisin, and White Chocolate with Crunchy Coconut.

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Snack Town Malaysia

Snack Town is a one-stop snack centre that features close to 200 products from home-based sellers and small and medium-sized enterprises. They have unique regional snacks from all across Malaysia and even Singapore. Speaking of Singapore, check out their Kek Tapak Kuda Singapura which comes in several varieties such as Nutella, Snickers and Cadbury! Thinking of more traditional snacks? There’s also Kerepek Pisang Manis, Dodol, Kuih Akar Nyior, and more! Modern snacks that you can get from Snack Town are Nachos and Caramel Popcorn among several other options.

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Truffle Chocolate Malaysia

Chocolate truffles are called that because they resemble truffles, not because they contain any of that expensive stuff. However, Truffle Chocolate Malaysia begs to differ, and they have decided to go the extra mile and use not just any truffle, but carefully sourced premium Italian truffles which can go for thousands of American dollars per kilo, which are then combined with 80% dark chocolate from local exclusive cocoa beans and made into decadent nama chocolate ganache, coated with cocoa powder and topped with 24-karat edible gold leaves for that luxurious experience. These are all handmade daily in limited quantities to ensure excellence in quality. National heroes, celebrities, aristocrats, socialites and even members of the royal family have given their seal of approval to Truffle Chocolate Malaysia!

In addition to using truffles in their chocolates, Truffle Chocolate Malaysia also use truffles in a variety of other items to complement their signature nama chocolate:

  • Truffle Butter Spread—Premium truffle butter with Italian truffle flakes
  • Truffle Chocolate Spread—80% cocoa dark chocolate spread with premium Italian truffle flakes
  • Truffle Cream—Premium truffle cream dip with Italian truffle flakes

FlyKLIA exclusive offer: Use code TCMxFlyKLIA to get a FREE Truffle Butter Spread worth RM19 with each purchase of Truffle Nama Chocolate from their website. Offer valid until 30 November 2021.

And there you have it, some of the sweetest sweet deals in Malaysia that you can get. Get these now for trick or treating, or to soothe your own soul with mouthwatering chocolatey goodness, you decide!

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