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Celebrating the Colours of Malaysia in Every Bite

Step into any Pasar Malam and you’ll be moments away from a 10-feet-long stall serving a lengthy tray of colourful delicacies fashioned into geometrical patterns that would intrigue any 3-year-old. A sweet-tooth haven that triggers impulsive finger pointing gestures to signal the taukeh to deposit the colourful goodies into a transparent plastic bag before a […]

World’s Best Christmas Food and Where to Get it in Malaysia

This article is brought to you by Skyscanner. Christmas is just around the corner so get ready for gluttony on an epic scale! Christmas is celebrated around the world and its global reach means diverse festive treats from spiced cakes to luxuriant drinks which can all be found right here at home in Malaysia! Join […]

10 ways to experience the real BALI

“Bali is more than a place; it’s a mood, it’s magical; it’s a tropical state of mind.” Bali is always a good idea, it’s no doubt one of the best travel destinations for families. It’s my second time visiting Bali and I am still loving this place. This time round, I am determined to let […]