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Halal & Muslim-Friendly Eateries in Japan

Halal & Muslim-Friendly Eateries in Japan

Struggling to find halal-friendly eateries around Tokyo? Worry no more, here are our top recommendations for you to discover. 1. Curry House CoCo Ichibanya Halal Shinjuku Kabukicho This eatery is popular among the locals for its renowned Japanese curry which has its own quintessential distinct taste compared to the ones in Malaysia. CoCo Ichibanya is […]

Summer in Japan

Japan has always been my dream destination, mostly because I’m quite a huge fan of anime, and watching anime growing up has made me intrigued about their culture. So, after a few years of slow saving and planning, I finally made my way there. I went during summer, because it’s the least peak season, so […]

? Winter in June? Here’s our top 10 year-end destinations

This article is brought to you by Skyscanner. Where are you going for your year-end vacation? The back-end of the year is packed full of vibrant celebrations around the world, so book now for spectacular fireworks in Taipei, graceful religious ceremonies in Bangkok, soulful Christmas carol concerts in London or gourmet delights in Osaka. Read […]

Skyscanner Travel Advisory – Boracay Island Closure, Japan Levy, and Malaysia GE

This article is brought to you by Skyscanner. With recent events, we want to make sure Skyscanner travellers know what to do should any of them affect you. What’s inside: 1. Boracay closure 2. Japan travel levy 3. Malaysia General Elections. 1) Boracay Closure: 26 April to 26 October 2018 The Philippine Government announced that […]

Gastronomic Trip in Japan

During my trip to Japan, it was an overall amazing and wonderful experience. With many new unbelievable sights, sounds, culture, people, lifestyle and most importantly, FOOD! Being an avid lover of Japanese cuisine and my number 1 choice whenever dining out, visiting the country of origin of my beloved cuisine was like a dream come […]