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Klang Valley isn’t the Best Place to Eat Durian in Malaysia

Klang Valley isn’t the Best Place to Eat Durian in Malaysia

If you live in the Klang Valley area, you would go to your local durian shop. We don’t blame you, it’s convenient, and it works.  But you can do better. Generally speaking, buying durians in Klang Valley isn’t quite ideal. This is because they are mostly grown in other states. By the time the durians […]

Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre, Negeri Sembilan

Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre, Negeri Sembilan

You can purchase a bewildering array of products at this massive 165-hectare wholesale centre. Located in Nilai, the northern part of Negeri Sembilan, the Nilai 3 Wholesale was built in 2001 and draws shoppers with competitively priced goods such as textile, furniture,clothing, luggage, carpet, garden equipment and caraccessories. Opening hours: 10.00am – 10.00pm Who To […]

Upside Down House Gallery in PD

Upside Down House Gallery in PD

Upside Down House Gallery in PD – Images from LuvelyMummy.blogspot.com A new attraction in Port Dickson has opened which is called the Upside Down House Gallery in PD, Negeri Sembilan. The fun art gallery which opened in May 2015 features everything upside down where guests can come and take loads of memorable pictures. The unique […]

Sungai Timun Fire Flies, Rembau

Take a downriver cruise and take in the glowing banks of Sungai Timun. This fascinating natural phenomenon is attributed to the presence of a firefly colony, said to be one of the largest in the country. The fireflies feed on the leaves of the berembang trees nightly. The nearby Sungai Timun fishing village is popular […]

State Museum Complex, Negeri Sembilan

The State Museum Complex is modelled after a traditional Minangkabau dwelling and comprises three main buildings – teratak perpatih, ampang tinggi palace and Negeri Sembilan House. Teratak perpatih also known as the State Museum, displays items such as royal silver and brassware, old weapons, handicrafts, artefacts, traditional costumes and photographs. Those interested in the history […]

Lukut Museum, Port Dickson

History enthusiasts should make a trip to the historical town of Lukut and visit its main attractions, the Lukut Museum and Fort. Here, you can read about Lukut’s golden era as the capital of the tin trade or pore over artefacts from the Nassau shipwreck, a Dutch East India battleship, which sank off the coast […]

Rembau Crystal, Negeri Sembilan

You can shop for a wide variety of hand-crafted crystal products such as vases, bowls, candy dishes and decorative items at Rembau Crystal. This one-stop centre houses a sales gallery as well as a production and training centre. After your visit, you can drop by at nearby attractions like the Pedas Hotspring, Gunung Datuk Recreational […]

Army Museum, Negeri Sembilan

The Army Museum will lead us back to the memoirs of various inheritance, ultimate collections of artifact which had once witnessed the battlement to retain the sovereignty of our beloved country. The Army Museum has been honoured a MERIT AWARD in category of “Best Tourist Attraction” with National Identity (Heritage) 2005/2006 by the Tourism Malaysia. […]

Port Dickson Beach, Negeri Sembilan

The beaches of Port Dickson (PD) is a famous weekend retreat for city dwellers. Port Dickson is said to have been named after a British officer, Sir John Frederik Dickson in 1889. Others mention that the place was named after another British officer who supervised the British ports handling ore in Lukut, a district of […]