Thaipusam @ BATU CAVES

Thaipusam @ BATU CAVES

Thaipusam means the brightest star in the month of Thai (October of the Indian calendar). It celebrates the day Murugan defeats the devil. It is a time of atonement, dedication and thanksgiving for Hindus. However, since the epidemic has not slowed down, it will not be open to the outside world this year. Share with you, review last year’s photos, and celebrate this colorful festival!

On this day, believers will return their vows by Kavadi, which means a tangible burden. Kavadi is mainly divided into four types, which are:

  1. Paal Kavadi (milk on the head),
  2. Alangara Kavadi (iron frame),
  3. Vel Kavadi (thatched arrow pierces the tongue),
  4. Karumbu Toddi (Sugar cane carry baby wrapped in cloth).

In addition to Kavadi, some believers would shave their heads, smash coconut shells and other methods to return vows, pray for blessings, and exorcise demons.

It is said that the Indian government banned the Thaipusam festival for being too cruel, and currently only Singapore and Malaysia retain this celebration!


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Written by Yap Kim