The Best Locations Around Europe To Shop This Boxing Day

The Best Locations Around Europe To Shop This Boxing Day

You can smell the end-of-year festive season in the air, with Christmas and New Year’s (new decade to boot) the typical headline occasions. Indeed, it’s a time that the world prepares itself for joyous displays of celebration, and along with it—a rapid spike in consumerism as gift-giving is a must at this time of the year. Whilst Christmas gifts are the main servings of affection, in many parts of the world such as the United Kingdom, it is the less famous Boxing Day on the 26th of December that is known for its shopping mania. Shops open up before the sun rises to allow in a queue of shoppers who camped out the night before to get their hands on the best deals first. Yes, this does not happen only for the release of iPhones, and this is the reason why Boxing Day is also called ‘Shopping Day’. Here, we list out some European destinations you have to visit to get the most bang for your buck!

London, UK

London is a great spot for post-Christmas shopping. Head on over to Oxford Street and you will find great discounts on brands such as Zara and H&M. Be sure to also head on over to the Selfridges department store for an array of designer items. A kind word of caution, however: it gets extremely packed, so if you are crowd-phobic, you’ll likely have a better experience at another spot. Harrods is another famous spot offering luxury brands such as Burberry, Cartier and the likes. If you are looking for more unique items, the history-rich Carnaby Street is a great place to pick out items from individual boutiques! 

Rome, Italy

Rome is home to one of the more infamous Christmas markets. Aside from being an absolute wonder of a city to visit, the market is a unique experience. Located at Piazza Nova, you can find a wide array of items from food, decorations, toys, and various knick-knacks. The atmosphere is built up with live music and fairy lights. For history enthusiasts such as myself, you can revel in the presence of ancient fountains.

Berlin, Germany

There are well over 70 such markets in this alluring city, but the Gendarmenmarkt is what takes the cake here. Set to the backdrop of beautiful architecture and filled with entertainment similar to what you find at a circus, this is definitely the place to be at! There are jugglers, fire eaters, classical and jazz music lighting up the place. In addition, you can also engage in fun activities such as origami whilst sipping on wine for a mix in with a bit of East Asian culture as well. 

Strasbourg, France

The Strasbourg Christmas Market is a great place to find yourself at this time of year. It’s local crafts galore, and with the addition of local produce. You can stroll on over to the beautiful Strasbourg Cathedral located nearby. There is also a historic Petite France quarter located right in the corner of the market. You will find wooden toys and blown glass candles to take home as well!

Whichever of these locations you end up deciding on for your post-Christmas shopping, you won’t be making a bad choice. Perhaps spin a wheel to help you decide? 

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