The ultimate Taiwan travel guide for a Thrilling Taiwan trip

The ultimate Taiwan travel guide for a Thrilling Taiwan trip

If you’re planning a Taiwan trip for the first time, here’s everything you need to know about Taiwan, from the best time to visit to the nitty-gritty travel details like visa information and other travel tips.

What currency does Taiwan use?

Taiwan uses the New Taiwan Dollar (NTD). As of July 2019, the exchange rate is about 1 MYR = ~7.55 NTD. If that’s hard to process, just remember that 100 NTD equals to a little more than 13 MYR.

When is the best season to visit Taiwan?

If you’re trying to escape Malaysia’s hot and humid weather, spring (April – June) and autumn (September – November) are ideal months to visit Taiwan because of the natural aircon-like temperature and flower seasons.

Summer (July to October) is great for outdoor activities, but do note that Taiwan is particularly prone to typhoons in July and August. Winters (December – March) are usually low season as it can get a bit too cool and damp and many activities are closed, but it’s a great way to save money with offseason prices.

Do I need a power adapter for Taiwan?

Taiwan uses the 110V 60 Hz AC power standard, same as the USA and Canada, so Malaysians will need an adapter to charge any devices you have.

How do I stay connected in Taiwan?

You can easily pick up a SIM card or portable wifi device from the airport, convenience stores or telecom shops in Taiwan. Buy directly from the counter in Taiwan, or save some time (and sometimes money) by pre-booking online via sites like Klook or KKday.

Public transport in Taiwan

Taiwan is quite well connected by public transport which is mostly punctual, clean and efficient. Major cities like Taipei and Kaohsiung both have an extensive MRT network, public buses and even bicycle sharing to help you get around the city area easily. 

More rural areas may require you to hire a taxi or arrange for a private car transfer as it is practically impossible to hail a taxi in those areas. Plan ahead by getting the driver’s contact or asking them to wait or return to pick you up at an agreed time. 

Getting between cities is also easy with the option of taking the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA or 台鐵) trains or inter-city coaches. In addition, Taiwan’s west coast is served by the High Speed Rail (HSR or 高鐵) that takes just two hours between the northern and southern parts of Taiwan.

A must-have for public transport in Taiwan: EasyCard

Taiwan’s EasyCard (悠遊卡) can be used on most of Taiwan’s public transport with some discounted rates as well. You can also use the EasyCard to pay for purchases at some convenience stores which is great if you run out of cash. See the detailed list on the EasyCard website.

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