Things to bring when travelling to Mulu Park for your adventure tour

Things to bring when travelling to Mulu Park for your adventure tour

1.    Water bottle

This is a necessary item even for simple trekking. It is easy to dehydrate during your excursion, so please bring plenty of water even though it may weight a bit more than you had wanted when you go trekking at Mulu National Park.


2.    Good trekking shoes

There might be some slippery trails and you need to walk carefully to avoid slipping off some boulders. A good trekking shoe does not mean the expensive, branded sport shoes that are sold at the mall. The perfect trekking shoes are the rubber shoes that you can buy for a song at the nearest mall.


3.    Sandals

You will need a pair of sandals to move around at the hotel or lodging house.

4.    Raincoat

As Malaysia has equatorial climate, you will experience hot and wet weather throughout the year with frequent and unpredictable rainfall. As people always say, always be prepared for the rainy day. Umbrella might hinder your journey, as it may stuck at tree branches and you would want your hands to be free without holding something other than your camera. A vinyl raincoat is best.


5.    Plastic bags

Bring several plastic bags to keep your clothes and necessities dry in case of rainfall. Sometimes, unavoidable water splashes may occur during your boat ride, so it is important for you to pack your items inside plastic bags before you pack them inside your baggage.

6.    Socks

Bring a few extra pair of socks to avoid clammy feet during your Mulu tour. Plus, a comfortable journey will create wonderful memories. Do bring a pair of leech socks too.

7.    Torchlight

What is the point of exploring a dark cave without having a portable light? Torchlight is an essential item for touring Mulu caves.

8.    Towel and toiletries

You need to stay overnight to enjoy Mulu fullest, and the tour cannot be completed in a day. Therefore, do not forget to bring light towel, extra change of clothing and toiletries for your stay.

9.    Long sleeve shirt, pants and a hat

To avoid sun burn, it is advisable to wear long sleeve shirt, pants and a hat. When travelling by long boat, the direct heat from the sun is unavoidable.

10.  Sun block lotion

This is another alternative to avoid sun burn. Bring a travel sized sun block lotion for your own use.


11.  First aid kit

Accidents are prone to happen when you go jungle trekking. The slippery slope or the sharp thatches can implicit small injuries, so prepare bandages in advance. Also, bring your own medicine in case of allergy or headache.

12.  Insect repellent lotion

Mosquitoes are common in the jungle.  Bring your own insect repellent lotion, not the spray, mind you. Also, prepare insect bite ointment to relieve itchiness. You may never know what types of insects are flying around at the forests.

13.  Swimming suit

You can bring your own swimming suit if you wished to swim at the Clearwater Spring. Even if you did not plan to swim there, the Clearwater Spring will call out to you with its clear green and refreshingly cold water.


14.  Cotton Gloves

You will need gloves to protect your hands from small injury as some rocks are wickedly sharp in places. The gloves are essential item as you need to have firm grip while climbing the Pinnacles. Besides, you also can use it to keep your hands from freezing at night.

15.  Sleeping bag or warm clothes

Camp 5 offers only basic accommodation and the thin mattresses might not be up to your standard. So, you will need something to keep you out from cold during night time at Camp 5. Plus, you need to prevent mosquitoes from stealing pints of your much needed blood.

Even though there are a lot of items to bring, you must remember to travel light. Bring only what you need and avoid carrying more than 15 kg. Lastly, have fun at Mulu and do not forget to say hi to the millions of bats during the Bat Exodus!

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