Tips on Traveling Solo: Where to go, What to Do

Tips on Traveling Solo: Where to go, What to Do

Being a lone adventurer can be a daunting prospect but also an exciting one. If you’re just starting out, it might be best to pick destinations that are especially friendly and safe for a solo tourist.

Where to go

1. Singapore

Singapore may be small but there is still plenty to see, do and eat. With public transport that is the envy of its neighbours, it is easy to get around and communicate with the English-speaking locals.

Its low crime rate and ranking in the top three of the least corrupt nations in the world makes it one of the safest destinations in Asia.

2. Denmark

This Western European nation offers some of the most picturesque views while also having an efficient public transport system, with buses and trains making most places accessible.

Compared to most European capitals, Copenhagen is one of the safest. Ask yourself: wouldn’t you like to visit a country that frequently ranks No.1 on the list of happiest countries in the world?

3. Canada

Canada and its people are known for their hospitality. Besides the warm welcome, the country caters to the adventurous nature lovers with its various parks as well as those who want a more cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Great people, wonderful infrastructure as well as being very safe? Canada is a solo traveller’s dream.

4. New Zealand

There’s no surprise that this country was the location for the Lord of the Rings movie. With stunning natural vistas like no other, you don’t have to be a movie buff to appreciate the natural grandeur.

What it has over Australia is that it’s much cheaper, with a high safety rating while not being overly spoiled by tourist traps or over-development.

5. Chile

Frequently hailed as one of the safest countries in South America due to its political stability, it is also one less spoiled by tourist overcrowding.

It’s a wonder that Chile, with all its natural beauty that includes glaciers, volcanoes, deserts, and beaches, isn’t always bustling with tourists.

There’s a lot to discover in Chile with smaller crowds to compete with – so why not take in both its culture and beauty?

6. Botswana

Ever dreamed of a safari holiday? Botswana attracts many solo travellers, with lodges that are all too willing to accommodate them in the best ways possible.

Lodges will often host communal dinners for you to meet your fellow travellers while never being overcrowded.

The country also has a great safety track record as well as a reputation for protecting its wildlife, with almost a third of Africa’s elephants calling it home.

Tips and tricks

1. Travel light

Consider that in some places, it would be cheaper to buy some items there rather than haul them around. A sturdy backpack, carry-on size, would be easy to take with you wherever you go and it’ll be easier to fly cheaply.

2. Get travel insurance

There are many affordable traveller’s insurance plans out there – just make sure that they cover your planned activities and locations. If possible, look for ones that offer medical guarantee letters to minimise what you need to pay upfront.

3. Stay alert

As a solo traveler, you will need to be extra mindful about risks. Be adventurous but within limits and always know the contacts for the nearest police station, hospital and embassy.

4. Have contingency plans

Think ahead of how you will handle worst-case scenarios. That way you will be less likely to panic if things go south.

Millions of people have taken the leap of faith, boarding planes to their next solo destination. This year, why don’t you join them? You won’t know until you try, or in this case, fly.

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