Top 10 Best Yoga Retreats in Spain

Top 10 Best Yoga Retreats in Spain

One of Europe’s hottest destinations is Spain. Spain also is known for being home to many wellness and retreat centers and amazing yoga retreat centers as well. There are many yoga holidays you can take and go to Spain. From Ibiza to Mallorca, you may want to consider taking yoga retreats there, since they are the country’s most popular destinations. The country’s picturesque scenery, nature and the grand history will perfectly go hand in hand with your yoga retreat.

Yoga retreats in Spain host the most amazing modern yoga lifestyle wellness plans, right in the heart of the city and even in the beautiful suburban landscape. What they offer are getaways, a whole week of yoga, plenty of well-being, healthy and cultural holidays in the lively county of Spain.


You have international teachers at your beck and call, training you on yoga. The accommodation is unique and one of a kind, beautiful to say the least with modernistic touches, a delicious vegetarian spread to tingle your pallet and more; all of which await you at the best yoga retreat centers in Spain.


At the yoga retreat centers, all levels and beginners are welcomed warmly. This urban yoga retreat would be a once in a lifetime chance that you so badly need. The aim is to bring forth a healthy and well-balanced yoga lifestyle to your city’s daily lives.


Please take a look below at the top ten best yoga retreat centers in Spain.

1. El Convento Yoga Retreats in Spain

El Convento Yoga Retreats in Spain primarily focuses on Ashtanga Yoga. K. Pattabhi Jois is the creator of this lineage. The asana is practiced on a yoga deck which overlooks the beautiful Sierra de las Nieves natural park. The yoga retreat center is good for solo clients and for families as well. There are world class nannies to take care of the children while the parents enjoy yoga and their rest time. Talking about the food at El Convento Yoga Retreats in Spain, it is all locally sourced and one hundred percent organic. There are no plasma television sets around for entertainment, instead there are mountains and terraces, garden and rivers all around to see and immerse into, which brings you back into harmony with nature and mother earth.

2. Lucia Yoga

In the south of Spain, Lucia Yoga hosts its yoga retreats. Their belief is that the body and the mind are enlightened by yoga. This is why they have named their retreat center after the first light of dawn “LUCIA”. Classes are offered that blend both the east and the west with touches of Andalucia all over. There are three retreat centers run by Lucia Yoga. And there are customized retreats made throughout the year for clients. Upto forty people in twenty different rooms can be accommodated in the Granada space. Each of the rooms is fitted with wifi, air conditioning, and ensuite washrooms as well. Then there is the center which is located in Nature reserve of Cadiz. This center is surrounded all around by mountains and beautiful villages. It has five swimming pools and amazing hiking trails around Andalucia. Finally, the third center is situated in Malaga, which is set in the Sierra de las Nieves.

3. Suryalila retreat center

Suriyalila Retreat Centre has a number of yoga retreats in their all inclusive facilities, and they are located in Southern Spain, right in the middle of Andalusia. They were voted as one of the best yoga retreats in 2019 by the esteemed Yoga Journal. You can enjoy daily asana classes conducted by well-experienced and international teachers. Plus you get to lavish the wonderful vegetarian cuisine and immerse in the peaceful yet beautiful Spanish countryside as well. You can book yourself a stay during the year across many scheduled yoga retreats they have. You can also book an independent hotel stay and yet you would be allowed to enjoy all the yoga facilities for free. There are other activities at Suriyalila Retreat Centre, such as the countryside hikes and the saltwater pool deep tissue massages, Thai massages, horse riding and even life wellness coaching too.

4. The Palms Retreats and Wellness

The Palms Retreats and Wellness is located right in the beautiful Spanish hamlet of La Alqueria. It is a retreat center that was built and designed by David and Sue. Both of them put an eye for detail and designed every room, garden and even the shared spaces to finesse. The stables are actually rooms which were formerly horse stables, as you can guess by the name. They were remodeled to world class standards and each of them have twin or king sized beds. They also have terraces and a shared patio as well. The original house of the the horse farm is “La Finca”. It is now the library of the retreat center, and it also holds three ensuite bedrooms with a terrace. There are two pool rooms in The Palms Retreats and Wellness, with super sized king beds and a terrace opening to the pool area and a wonderful view of the majestic mountains outside.

5. La Crisalida Health and Wellbeing Retreats, Costa Blanca, Spain

La Crisalida Health and Wellbeing Retreats is located in Costa Blanca, Spain. The program activities at the retreat center begin at seven in the morning and continue until nine at night. This ensures that you get most out of your stay at La Crisalida Health and Wellbeing Retreats. Apart from yoga asanas being taught everyday, you can also partake in lifestyle makeovers, workshops on meditation, exercises of varied kinds, guided visualization classes, or take time to just relax by the pool. The La Crisalida Health and Wellbeing Retreats is open throughout the year, and they have activities that are customized as per the clients needs. You can come for a deepened yoga session or to detox your body, be one with nature and more, there are a range of programs at the La Crisalida Health and Wellbeing Retreats to suit your needs.

6. Malaga Yoga Retreats

Malaga Yoga Retreats is located deep in the tradition village of the beautiful Benalmadena Pueblo. This village is located close to the Malaga airport, around twenty minutes away. Even then you would still get to enjoy peace and serenity on this big green land, when you reach Malaga Yoga Retreats center. Each of the rooms has its own washroom, and there are views of the gardens, the waters, and the beautiful mountains from them too. With views of both the mountain and the sea, Malaga Yoga Retreats specializes in four day yoga retreats. They follow the ancient practice of yoga, and they teach clients the art of meditation as well. They also teach asanas which help cultivate a peaceful mind and emulate a healthy lifestyle. Their main aim is to instill yoga in clients not just as a physical exercise, but as a deeper mind – body connection in total.

7. Yoga Spanish retreat

Yoga Spanish Retreat is located bang in the beautiful ancient city of Trujillo. The center is just one hundred and thirty two miles away from Madrid, but it is far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. The ancient city is steeped deep in culture and history, and was originally founded by the Romans that had Celtic origins. Much of the Iberian history has been witnessed here, and there are many grand medieval buildings still standing to the test of time. Apart from integral yoga, you can also enjoy many holistic therapies during your stay at Yoga Spanish Retreat. Some of the services they offer apart from yoga are Osteopathy, Medical Acupuncture, Trigger-Point Therapy, Myofascial Massage and Foot Reflexology.

8.  Be Yogui Event

In Aguila Daurada, there are weekly and all inclusive programs hosted by Be Yogui Event. It is in the heart of resorts and villas that are located in the middle of a nature reserve right in the center of Costa Dorada. The area is bang in the middle of a highly preserved biosphere, also an ecosystem known as the Terres de L’Ebre Biosphere Reserve.  The Be Yogui Event retreat center was first built to emulate a small village with a hill on one side, hiking trails and nature path. All the retreats you see at Be Yogui Event help with different aspects of yogic lifestyle. There are yoga asana classes and meditation workshops along with other workshops that help foster celebration, adventure and interconnections. This is a center that allows you to look within, dive into inner development and form knowledge for the mind and body connection too.

9. Kali Yoga Retreats

The Guardian has listed Kali Yoga retreats as one of the Top 10 Life-Changing Yoga Retreats Worldwide. It was founded in 2001 at the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada range in the Alpujarra region. Apart from yoga asanas, you can take part in natural health development and therapeutic treatments. The food is locally sourced here from local farmers, and it is as fresh and healthy as possible. Twice a day the yoga asanas are offered at the Kali Yoga retreat. There is an experienced team of yoga teachers that lead the workshop. They help you develop self-practice which instills discipline and motivation in you as you leave the center and return to your normal life.

10. O-live retreat

O-Live Retreat combines esoteric and scientific concepts of momentum with a dose of karma to help you displace and diffuse anxiety, guilt, depression, shame and more. Their belief is that when the cells are detoxed, the mind is also detoxed. The practitioners at O-Live Retreat don’t follow traditional methods of teaching yoga. They rather allow themselves and the guests that come by to learn and grow. O-Live Retreat center is in Spain, and is available through autumn and spring. You can stay for as much as you want. You can share rooms here with friends or with couples, but the rooms are private and you get solo time for deep introspection and much wanted privacy, while you attend the yoga sessions at O-Live Retreat.

In a nutshell…

These were the best top ten Yoga retreats in Spain. Now you have to motivate yourself to check into one of them and have a life-changing scene unfold before you. Stay blessed and healthy.

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