Top 10 Wellness, Detox, Spa, Yoga Destinations in Asia

Top 10 Wellness, Detox, Spa, Yoga Destinations in Asia


“The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.” – Abraham Maslow

We all are caught up in the rat raced lives that we lead. It is time for us to take some time out and to unwind and relax. Forget for some time that you have a hectic job that robs you of the valuable ‘me time’, and head on to one of the spas near you to rejuvenate and refresh. This is why it is important to head to a spa and detox, to do some yoga and rejuvenate, or simply lay back and enjoy a massage or sip on tender coconut water and relax under the sun.

The choice is yours, do you want to bounce back with vigor and vitality or carry on the drabby life? If the answer is the former, then go ahead and read this article. We discuss here with you the ten best wellness destinations in Asia. Please read on and be well-informed.

1.Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand

There is a lot on offer at Absolute Sanctuary. From anti stress and burnout packages to number of detox programs, and even the famous Pilates Reformer Bootcamp holidays too on offer. However, what are most popular here are the yoga retreats. There are signature yoga holiday packages on avail at this place, and it includes hot yoga too. If you would like to lose some weight, join the Absolute Fitness program which helps you lose inches. You get to enjoy unlimited yoga classes here and indulge in lip smacking vegetarian meals too. What you must also try out here at this Thailand yoga retreats are the colon hydrotherapy sessions and the Thai massages.

2. MesaStila, Java, Indonesia

Tucked away deep in the jungles of Java, MesaStila is a gem to be explored. This place is located in Indonesia and is surrounded by coffee plantations. There are even colonial buildings around this resort which makes it a luxurious haven to be at. And it has its own Hammam spa as well. There are wellness sessions and programs offered throughout the year here, and practitioners are called to hold special retreats here too. Yoga also is taught here by experienced yoga gurus. Here you get to reconnect the body and the mind with a four day or a three night stay. Apart from yoga, you get to learn the right way to breathe and self-massage too.

3. The Farm at San Benito, Philippines

At The Farm, you are clearly given plenty of choices to choose from. Right from fused detoxes to holistic programs and even mind blowing integrated medical services too. This place is for those who are looking for makeover retreats. You get to spend six days or seven nights here, and enjoy award winning vegan dishes and a super lip smacking cuisine too. The program here starts with a blood analysis, which is followed by many other treatments, yoga included along with meditation and more. Every program here is designed for you to lose weight and to help aid in weight loss as well. You get to exit this place with a sense of well-being, smooth and clear skin and many pounds lighter too.

4. Song Saa Private Island, Aun Island, Cambodia

Song Saa’s wellness retreats are world famous and they are not only known to be great in Asia, but people flock to them from various parts of the globe for treatments and offerings. At this spa you get to refresh, revive and rejuvenate, and the latter is the most popular of the three. You get to cleanse and empower yourself and create a base for happiness and well-being too. Here you have retreats as well, which includes the likes of diets, Khmer cooking classes, Buddhist blessings, paddle boarding and yoga as well. Song Saa thus is the best place to cut off from the outer world and to reconnect with your inner self.

5. Samahita Candida Detox, Thailand

This is a spa which is situated in the quiet laps of the Koh Samui beach. Here you get to experience a detox holiday which is aimed at removing Candida, yeast in the body that can cause imbalances within the body. The program for detoxifying here has a lot of nutritional elements in it, and is complimented by the use of yoga cleansing methods and techniques, along with classes in meditation, and plenty of spa therapies of your choice that you can choose to indulge in. At this Thailand yoga retreats, you also get to have access to the infra-red sauna sessions, the salt water pools along with the popular herbal steam room, which helps you destress, unwind and relax.

6. Como Shambhala Estate Detox, Indonesia, Bali

At this wellness and spa retreat center, you get to cleanse the body off the toxins using your choice of therapies to heal and indulging in a menu of fresh and very nutritional cuisine meant for detox. At this luxury spa and resort, you get to have an advantage, which is to use the multi-award winning Como Shambala Spa. At the spa, there are ranges of luxury treatments on offer which you can choose to avail. These treatments and therapies are done by experts, and they help you remove the harmful toxins from the body.

7. Ananda Detox, India

Anada Detox is set in the laps of the mighty Himalayan kingdom, and thanks to the beautiful scenery around, it adds to the mighty healing power of the place. Here you can enjoy a luxury holiday along with treatments such as the ayurvedic massage or the Abhangya, hydrotherapy baths, Nasva and ayurveda too. And there are complimentary classes on wellness and health held daily as well. The main key to effective detox is to increase and improve blood circulation within the body, and Ananda detox does just that, along with tons of holistic healing touches. You can also check out if they do Yoga Retreats in India.

8. SwaSwara Detox, India

SwaSwara detox is situated in the laps of lush green palms and coconut trees and a small walk from the famous Om beach, and offers visitors the best of the best detox retreats as well. Here you get to explore the nuances of naturopathy with the detox programs held here and there is a major emphasis laid on juice cleansing to help aid a healthy well-being and living too. This is them amplified with intense yoga classes and meditation sessions, done by experts who have undergone Yoga Teacher Training in India. And further more there is a day of silence which helps you internalize the whole process too. As a guest, you get to explore and discover the fabulous area around and also go on complimentary boat expeditions of the whole area too.

9. Thanyapura, Phuket

For those of you who have always dreamt of getting to a fitness boot camp to lose weight or to train for a marathon, this is the best place to be. This resort and spa was mainly created to aid health and promote wellness, with cutting edge programs through an active lifestyle and sports. Here you have well-trained and top notch coaches aiding you, training you and more. There are four centers to this place, which include Sports and Leisure club, The Mind Center, Thanyapura Health and Phuket International Academy, and a Sports Hotel too. Facilities included here are a day spa, clubs for teens and kids, an art studio, and a center for performances.

10. Peppers Sentosa Seminyak Spa, Seminyak

Peppers Sentosa Seminyak Spa, Seminyak is a luxury contemporary spa for those who are looking for a holiday which is full of fun and with healthy touches. The spa is a full-service center for wellness which is within a luxurious stylish boutique resort too. At the Peppers Sentosa Seminyak Spa, you get to fully detox with a wellness program suited for you, and you get to go sightseeing, shopping and surf right at the resort too. If you want this to be a personal sanctuary, that can be arranged as well at the Peppers Sentosa Seminyak Spa. The offerings here at the Peppers Sentosa Seminyak Spa include, mind blowing massages that pamper every inch of your body, facials that beautify you, holistic energy healing, colonic and detox programs, juice fasting, programs on weight loss, chakra balancing and energy healing, life coaching too, along with anti-ageing medical spa services on the lines of mesotherapy and botox fillers, and more.

In a nutshell…So here were ten of the best detox, wellness spas and yoga retreat places all across Asia. If you are heading for a holiday to Asia, do check out these wellness destinations in Asia which would be close to you.

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